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Quantum Nothings, Putin’s General, China Covid Bus Deaths, More

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

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Introduction:  Scientists think they’ve conquered the Kalam Cosmological Argument, Put appears poised to declare war on Ukraine, China’s Covid busses are killing people, Latin American Fish purloined by Xi, more….


The Nothing Quantum State Creates a Something?

A report in Big Think claims to have created something from nothing.  But when you scratch below the surface, that nothing might be a something after all. Researchers claim to have created particle-antiparticle pairs from nothing at all.  That nothing, though, is a quantuum vacuum which is, in fact, not nothing.

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Putin Edges Closer to General Mobilization and Full War with Ukraine – Freedomist

The Russian Parliament appears poised to pass legislation written by the Putin regime that would immediately make it a 10-year prison offense to voluntarily surrender in Ukraine.  The legislation is also introducing what are being called “concepts” such as mobilization, martial law, and wartime into law.

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China’s Zero-Covid Policy Leads to 27 Killed in Bus Crash

A bus that was headed to a Covid quarantine center in China crashed, killing 27 people who had been coerced into quarantine by Chairman Xi.  The incident has gone viral even on the Chinese net, adding to the already volatile situation around Xi’s extremist Zero-Covid policies.



The Chinese Are Coming for Latin America’s Fish

The Chinese have sent fishing armadas to South America allegedly ransacking the waters in unbridled, unchecked fishing.  A news report by Interservice claims 631 Chinese fishing ships have been spotted in Peruvian and Ecuadorian waters.  Most troubling, the Chinese appear to be broad-fishing the unique ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands.

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Armenia-Azerbaijan on Cusp of War Again

Armenia and Azerbaijan have been engaged in border disputes for centuries. Both nation-states sit in the Russian orbit, with both being former members of the Soviet Union. With Russia becoming bogged down in Ukraine, it appears the two former vassal states are ready to fight amongst themselves for border that advantage their people. Last week, armed conflict began once again between the two nations when Azerbaijan shelled villages in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, villages belong to Armenia.



Two More Former Soviet Republics on Brink of War with Each Other

The much-disputed border between Kyrgystan-Tajikstan is heating up again after conflicts erupted this past week.  So far, the death toll has passed 100 officially, but the exact number of dead are unknown.  Both sides claim the other side started using drones, artillery, small arms fire to molest settlements.



DNC Press Defend ESG as GOP Finally Attacks

The Missouri Independent wants you to believe that ESG is just a moneymaking way for investment firms to measure investment success for the millions of investors these few giant firms represent.  In an article about the GOP rightly removing state pension funds from ESG-perpetuating investment firms, the Independent dropped this unqualified statement:




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China Accuses NSA of Cyber Espionage in Repeated Breaches of Xi’an Research University

U.S. Has A Third Of The World’s Monkeypox Cases—And A New Vaccine Program For Large LGBTQ Events



Newsom billboard cites Bible to promote abortion in

Biden suggests he may not run

Report: Iowa Dem’s Former Campaign Manager Accuses Him of Sexual

Attorneys for migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard looking into origination of brochures they believe were handed out under ‘false pretenses’

Democrats Pour Over $1M Into Oregon Governor’s Race As Blue State Becomes Toss-Up



NBA star Kyrie Irving declares vaccine mandates ‘one of the biggest violations of HUMAN RIGHTS in history’

Church endures knife attack — and media



Italy readies itself for a snap general election

Smear campaign launched against Azerbaijani “traitors”

Iran official confirms deaths of 3 Iranians in Kurdistan, says causes ‘suspicious’

Iran sees third day of protests after death of woman in police custody –

Iran-backed political groups divided over keeping caretaker PM in

Iran will import Russian gas through pipelines from

Pakistan to import Russian oil on deferred payments

Putin humiliated as brutal Wagner mercenaries targeted by hackers –

Putin loses full control of region and Black Sea navy makes hasty retreat

Russia Banned From Euro 2024 Qualifying Draw

Eritrea’s mass mobilisation amid Ethiopia civil

Philippines President Marcos Jr Warms Up to US in Shift from

Greek coast guard pushes back 35 migrants near Rhodes:

Chad foreign minister resigns as government engages rebels in

Chad death toll in clashes between herders and farmers rises to 19

Venezuela intelligence agencies guilty of crimes against

Zambia Road Crash Kills 23 Church Women – Channels Television

Rare fighting between Palestinians and own police



Former Google CEO Issues Dire Warning About

China to procure new subs for constant patrolling of its coastal

What goals can China accomplish with Digital Yuan?



Yeshiva University ends all student groups after court  orders it to recognize gay activist student group

2nd Circuit Eyes First Amendment Challenge to New York Mental Health

Shipping Companies Prohibit the Lawful Shipping of Firearms



European Union seeks emergency powers to prevent supply-chain crisis

German gas importer Uniper says it’s in “final discussions” with government on deal for Berlin to take majority stake

NGOs Sue European Commission Over Green Investment

Japan is promoting a cashless society with digital salary

Two Turkish banks suspend Russian Mir payments after U.S.

EU loses most from US-instigated conflict: China Daily editorial

Hungary government submits first anti-graft bill to avoid losing EU



Lockheed Martin Delivers 300 Kilowatt Combat

Slovenia to arm Ukrainian forces with 28 M-55S tanks



Device Searches Have Created A Massive Database Of American Phone Data CBP Agents Can Search At Will



Earth is home to nearly 20 quadrillion

Penguin’s $2.18 Billion Deal for Simon & Schuster Will Cost Authors, DOJ

Meghan Markle Requests King Charles For One-To-One Meeting To “Clear The Air”:

Russian Twitch Stream Burns Gas 24/7 to Troll the World

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