We are all destined to be spiritually sovereign beings, joint heirs, royalty, in the Kingdom of God. Our inner freedom stems from this realization. Women and men, people of every kindred or ancestry, are all equals as joint-heirs with Yeshua if they choose the path of salvation by faith.

By Willem IV*- We talk a lot about freedom, but there is an inner freedom that flows from the heart and throne of God, every person has the potential to see, understand, and experience this freeedom. To understand this freedom we introduce two new concepts, Kingdom Nationhood and Regency. This comes from the first of 17 Protocols of Upadaria, which are part of a specific vision for a “spiritual nation”, which are based on Kingdom essentials, and which are meant to empower people to fully realize their God-given freedom and potential as joint-heirs and citizens of the Kingdom of God through Yeshua.

For some, these Protocols become the basis of a set of standards and norms which define a unique and intentional shared identity and way of life and which form the essence of their freewill association with people all over the world. For others, these Protocols, insofar as they reflect the Kingdom essentials found in God’s Word, are a useful tool for exploring new possibilities in Kingdom living beyond just attending church services.

Kingdom Nationhood


Fulfilling our Regency as Kings, Priests, and joint-Heirs with Yeshua in His Kingdom is something we seek daily through practicing fellowship with all Believers where we live, work, and worship. We exercise our spiritual sovereignty and fulfill God’s best for our lives with excellence. 

– From “The 17 Protocols of Upadaria”, Protocol One

Kingdom Nationhood has two manifestations, a universal manifestation which includes all Believers and a diversity manifestation which it was prophesied would be fulfilled when Abraham was told he would be the father of many nations. But even the diversity expression of Kingdom Nationhood has the same essence: a body of people united under Yeshua as their King and determined to be His Regents as a witness and influence for Him to the nations.

Nationhood in general isn’t what the world seems to equate it to, namely political states or so-called “races.” In the Kingdom, our universal nationhood in Christ is as citizens of His Kingdom. The blood that unites us is the Blood of Christ. The only form of statehood is the spiritual sovereignty of the Eternal Kingdom which is given to every citizen of the Kingdom as a nation of kings and priests unto God.

This concept of nationhood is a more holistic and, frankly, Biblical view of Christianity itself. Ours is not merely a religion, it is a universal and eternal nationhood and identity that flows through us in every aspect of our being and every arena and level of human action and interaction for the Glory of God and the Praise of His Name!

If you want to begin a journey of freedom, begin with understanding the true nature of Christianity not as some religion spoiled by humans who added things and took away things from God’s intentions. To be a Christian or, as we often say, a Yeshuan (because we use Jesus’s Hebrew name, and not for any doctrinal reason), is to adopt a deeper, universal, and spiritual nationhood or national identity that easily transcends our citizenship, so-called “race”, ethnicity, or ancestry.

We are translated FROM the kingdom of darkness, where we were held as spiritual slaves to an overlord of evil, INTO the Kingdom of God as joint-heirs, and therefore regents on this earth, of the King, who is Yeshua, the Christ.

What is a regent?

A regent is someone who is not the king or queen (in the Upadarian culture, there is no male/female versions of “king” or “Reyki”, but just “king”, which we call Reyki, and which applies to women and men) but who has all the Sovereign power thereof until the King Returns. If we are all joint-heirs and if the King is not present in the physical, and if we are destined and ordained as “Reyki” in the Kingdom, then are we not Regents of Yeshua on this earth?

You are destined, if you choose the path of repentance from sin and then to walk a life of faith in Yeshua, to become a regent of the King and to actualize your own Regency as a Royal who walks with God and converses with Him face to face. When human beings dare to stand on the road between you and your own regency in Yeshua, by fulfilling the scroll of purpose and destiny for you life (“wyrd”), they stand against the King and the whole Kingdom.

Change your understanding of Christianity as a religion. It is also a religion, but Christianity is mainly a national identity that is universal and eternal. When you become a Christian, you adopt an eternal nationhood and you are eligible to walk and live out your life as a regent of your King while you are on this earth.

While we could produce much in the way of content on how to see and practice your nationhood as a Believer and your Regency in Yeshua, the heart of this is how we live out our own lives, how we treat fellow Believers, and how we relate to the world at large in serving our King.

The Regency of Believers isn’t something we lord over anyone. It is stewardship and agency, it is being a witness and an influence, but it isn’t dominion over others.

The way we approach practicing this Regency within the context of our shared Kingdom Nationhood begins with understanding Kingdom essentials, like the core ethical, moral, and doctrinal orthodoxy of historic and Biblical Christianity. These Kingdom essentials are the thing that makes every follower of Yeshua a fellow national, which is really a massive scale form of kinship.

Physical Israel as a kingdom is a shadow of the eternal and universal Kingdom of God which is destined to cover the earth and, after the Return of the King, be the only Supreme Kingdom on this earth. It is manifested in and through us as we live and practice “Kingdom essentials” in our lives and relationships.

Kingdom essentials include things like the Divinity of Christ, the Resurrection, the Return of Christ, the doctrine of salvation by faith, and the such. These are sometimes referred to as the “milk” of our faith: easy to digest and understand and not really open to dispute or “interpretation.” Outside of these things, one cannot be considered to be a citizen of the Kingdom.

In practice we find things like prayer, worship, breaking of bread, fellowship, mutual care, and the such. These are things we essentially “owe” to one another, although we are accountable only to God, ultimately, for how, when, and with whom and where we do these things. To begin to practice our regency we begin with every fellow Believer wherever we live, work, or worship, as much as we can, by deliberately doing these things together.

Believers connecting around Kingdom essentials, especially some of the core practices of Kingdom living, like praying together or studying the Word together, is a major aspect of walking in our regency. All these efforts to “unite the church” would gain much ground if Believers practiced their regency together, regardless of denominational or church affiliation!

When individual Believers begin to connect with each other, outside of just going to church, each person begins to experience and practice their own spiritual sovereignty as regents of the King. Moreover, as this becomes a daily practice, there is a certain supernatural dimension and empowerment released into your life.

This is an essential foundation for understanding and practicing our shared Kingdom Nationhood and for living out our spiritual sovereignty as regents of the King. But going beyond this we understand our wyrd, which is our scroll of destiny and purpose, which is God’s best for our lives, and how we must pursue this with excellence.

To understand our wyrd is a journey and a process of discovery and experimentation, we don’t usually just get a full download. We discover this in communion with God through the Spirit but also in a practical understanding of both the things that drive/inspire us and in a combination of our skills and qualifications and the needs of the marketplace and/or ministry we enter into.

As our understanding of our wyrd unfolds at different levels, we begin more and more to adopt an intentional identity in Yeshua. We begin to see the stark difference between things we inherited in the flesh as well as things others have put on us and the things God has planted within us. We see an ideal persona of ourselves through the lenses of the Kingdom, the Bible, and God’s Spirit speaking to us.

This is true inner freedom and while we desire outer freedoms like our sacred God-given human rights and dignity for all people, these outer freedoms both flow from and serve this inner freedom. If you have all the outer freedoms but don’t experience this inner freedom then you are tragically and unnecessarily lost. If human beings block or deny your outer freedoms, first, they become enemies of God who gave us those freedoms and, second, we lose not one bit of our inner freedom, which can supernaturally transcend any earthly and/or human opposition to God’s wyrd for us.

You cannot say the world or any human cannot block God’s purpose for your life if you don’t understand that purpose and walk in it inasmuch as you are able and as God provides. This isn’t legalism, God has Grace and helps us even when we don’t deserve it. This is practicality. When we desire to cross the Jordan into our promised land, having first come through the Red Sea and now being ready and willing to walk in our regency in Yeshua, the waters do not part until our feet get wet.

Whatever else we do through understanding these Protocols, if we don’t get this right, our shared nationhood with all Believers and our regency, we have a shaky foundation. Connecting with fellow Believers and also pursuing our own wyrd with deliberate intentionality are two key ways we experience and fulfill our spiritual sovereignty as joint-heirs with Yeshua.

While we will explore and develop forms of nationhood in Yeshua that aren’t universal and shared “wyrds” of destiny and purpose that don’t apply to all Believers, this is essential. If you utilize all the 17 Protocols save this one, then you will lack true spiritual sovereignty. If you only use this Protocol to walk in Kingdom Nationhood with fellow Believers and to seek and follow God’s wyrd for YOU, walking in spiritual sovereignty as a regent of the King, then you will preserve yourself in this life and prepare yourself for the world to come.

This doesn’t mean these other things don’t matter or cannot help you become a more rounded, fulfilled, and effective person. These other things are transfigurative in their own right but only if they remain subordinated to this overarching purpose which is essential for all Believers.

If you desire to be a fully spiritually sovereign human being created in the very image of God, the path is through an inner freedom based on Kingdom Nationhood in Yeshua, which you share with all fellow Believers, and walking/living as a regent of the King both through connecting with fellow Believers and through seeking to know and fulfill God’s wyrd for you as His regent on this earth. In this way we become a witness and influence for Yeshua to the nations!


*NOTE: Willem IV is the fictional Crown Prince Regent of the Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria. It is a persona within “Upadaria”, a unique spiritual nation project, and planned international Christian society, that was developed from a fictional future history. The idea of these “impressions” of personas from the future history is, in part, to see yourself clearly as God sees you and to be unencumbered from your past or whatever others want to impose upon your identity.