The “election reform” pushed by the ruling class has all the hallmarks of using woke communism as a vehicle for power. While others have analyzed the bill in detail, the gist is that this bill, “The For The People Act”, is an unconstitutional nationalization of elections designed purely to deny the People fair and free elections. It is an assault on “democracy” but it is being portrayed differently and under the cover of woke communism.

The desire of the ruling class is to gain legitimacy for their otherwise inhumane agenda. In the past, they wrapped their inhumane agenda in the flag, witness Woodrow Wilson’s “patriotic” progressivism. Today they wrap it in the flags of the rainbow and the totalitarian fist of groups like Antifa and BLM (the corporate entity, not individuals who advocate for the black community and its legitimate grievances).

The For The People Act basically, and only, codifies election hijacking so that, through legalized legerdemain and trickery, coupled with mass manipulation through the corporate press, education, and entertainment, the ruling class can choose who gets into office. This isn’t a Party thing, this isn’t about getting Democrats in office, though even we have said such things and this may be the temporary plan. This is about ensuring that the people chosen by and subordinated to the ruling class have an unfair advantage.

This is legalized hijacking, making official all the extra-legal “policies” used in 2020 to control the election process and create desired outcomes (not fraud per se and not “illegal” but grossly manipulated and “gamed” to shift all the advantages to to the ruling class’s candidates.) It’s not “voting rights” but election hijacking that is being sought.

This doesn’t mean that perhaps a majority of voters aren’t leaning in the direction desired by the ruling class. The constant corporate press propaganda, educational programming, and entertainment brainwashing practically equal mass hypnosis. Are we surprised a majority of people when subjected to the most intense mass hypnosis program in human history actually fall for deception and freely vote away their own agency and dignity as human beings? We are not at all surprised.

But if it was all left to this mass hypnosis to get most people to vote the way the ruling class want, there wouldn’t be any need for this election hijacking law to pass. Indeed, none of the extra-legal policies (as in not passed by legislatures) by Secretaries of State and County election officials, which benefited only ruling class candidates and made it impossible to detect potential fraud, would have been needed if, in a clean and fair election, the majority would have reliable chosen the ruling class candidate.

People are convinced, without looking at the substance of the “We The People Act” or considering the people behind it, that without this their votes won’t matter and their voice won’t count. For them, being against this bill is racism.

The votes of people in the black community are being hijacked, but it’s not what people think. The black vote isn’t being used to empower local communities but keeps rubber-stamping the ruling class candidates and policies which do no good for the black community. We’ve said many times that simply voting Republican as an alternative won’t help the black community, the issue is that one Party has captured their vote and abuses the power it gives while thw other doesn’t welcome the black community in as equals and collaborators.

We propose new LOCALISM parties within the black communities that are blighted by the ruling class which don’t dance for Republicans or Democrats. We propose a change of rulers in these communities from the ruling class and the duopoly to the average person in each of these places, each of whom knows what’s best for themselves and their community.

The election hijacking law euphemistically called “The For The People Act”, is unlikely to pass and if it did it wouldn’t likely pass muster with the courts, but the principles and agenda behind it are being pursued, county by county and state by state, to ensure, as much as possible, we maintain the fiction of a free election without risking that the people might vote against the ruling class.

To push this the ruling class, through their corporate press and major monopoly corporations, are using woke communism, namely conjuring images of the Civil War and Jim Crow laws to make people feel this bill undermines “muh white supremacy” and empowers “the oppressed classes”, when, in reality, it does nothing of the kind.

If you oppose this bill you are a Jim Crow racist who should be canceled and you are perpetuating and fomenting the kind of insurrection that occurred on January 6th, according to the neocommunist wokatariate. Just note, this neocommunist wokatariate (woke communists or woke comms for short) are themselves but an adjunct and arm of the ruling class, though they don’t see themselves as such.

The BLM and Antifa rioters who are praised by the corporate press, egged-on by politicians, let off the hook by corrupt attorney generals, and who are given funds by various woke communist organizations and corporations have no idea they are actually fighting FOR “the man” against “the People!”

Marching with rainbow, BLM, and antifa flags backed by the hammer and sickle, the neocommunist wokatariate (neocomms) mindlessly, ignorantly, does the dirty work for the very ruling class that, if they knew better, they would want to fight against.