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MLB Game In DC Called After Shooting: DC Police Union Blames City Officials

The San Diego Padres verus the DC Nationals game, in DC, was suspended and then called after a shooting led to three deaths just outside the stadium. Chaos ensued as people fled the scene.

The DC Police Union retweeted a video of the event with the commentary that “violent crimes permeates everything.”

The Union laid the blame on city officials who, they allege, have tied their hands. The same officials who lost their collective breath over the January 6th riot in the Capitol, using it to paint all Republicans as rebels guilty of insurrection, have allegedly done nothing to prevent the criminal anarchy that rears its head at random times and places in America’s capital city.

The incident was recorded by Jalen Drummond and shows people streaming away from the stadium in fear for their lives.

The news here is the police union’s frustration with city officials who they feel are hindering their work. The Washingtonian presents data claiming that the crime rate overall compared to last year is steady, although it doesn’t compare the crime rate of 2020 with 2019 or before.

Predictably, the “corporgov” (blurring of the line between corporate and government monopoly power) press are going back to the well of attacking the individual’s sacred (and shared) right to self-preservation and demanding an absolute monopoly on the use of force by the same police they also label racists and who they want to defend. The inner inconsistencies of their ideology are lost on them.

The corporgov press appear to be unable to grasp the connection between a cultural milieu dominated by immorality and corruption and without the voluntarily corrective influence of faith, family, and community and a culture that values life and promotes civic and moral virtues. They cannot see that the problem is moral or spiritual because for them moral and spiritual constraints, even when strictly voluntary and based on freewill participation, are at odds with their mostly hedonist and selfish lifestyles.

A society of disjointed, atomized individuals without the voluntarily corrective influence of faith, family, and community wherein the culture itself promotes hedonism and selfishness must be strongly managed because only force on the part of corporate and/or government monopoly power holders and the disarming of the population can prevent bad acts.

This murder of three people and the chaos unsuing which caused a Major League Baseball game to be called short may or may not be part of a deeper trend toward more lawlessness and may or may not be the result of local officials and their policies. Regardless, it is symptomatic of a deeper spiritual and moral crisis brought about by the deliberate assault on the anti-authoritarian institutions of faith, family, and community by woke communism.

Ultimately, the policies of these city officials that work actively against the institutions of faith, family, and community through freewill participation are to blame, not their unwillingness to give more power to cops or the fact we own a right to self-preservation and, therefore, to be armed.

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