Bill Collier- The World Economic Forum, an organization of ultra-globalist authoritarians, has made the claim, and then taken the video down, that “you will own nothing and like it.” In telegraphing its intentions for a world of peasants under the ruling class’s firm authoritariam control, the WEF itself proclaims that the idea of a coterie of ruling class shot-callers conspiring against the entire planet is not far-fetched.

Now comes their simulation exercises in which they actually test their intentions. Prior to the pandemic, they ran a simulation of a global pandemic. We can only guess how the WEF could have run a simulation that then played out in the real world, but one must consider their simulations as a telegraphing of their intent.

Their new “Cyber Polygon” exercise has all the marks of a massive global power grab meant to further reduce the economic freedoms of every human being on this earth. Here is a snippet from The Sociable:

Following up on last year’s cyber pandemic simulation, this year’s Cyber Polygon will hold live training exercises responding to “a targeted supply chain attack on a corporate ecosystem in real time.”

Running parallel to the training exercise will be discussions on how to tackle everything from ransomware and supply chain attacks to implementing “resilient” digital currencies, and a desire for global governance on the internet.

Massive disruptions that essentially collapse economies and soften people up may sound like a villain from a James Bond movie who has gone amuck, but the very goals of this exercise clearly, as it says in our Declaration of Independence, “evince a design of tyranny.” This global junta, or would-be junta, is making it clear they will use massive supply-chain disruptions to control you and keep you desperate and needy and all too ready to submit to a “global governance” aimed at the very heart of freedom.

Global governance of the internet is evidently critical, as well as top-down global control of supply-chains. A recent “study” by the IMF, which was a mathematical simulation based on assumptions, basically claims that a country depending on global supply chains is better off in a pandemic than one with a “nationalized” supply chain, i.e. a supply chain bssed mostly on internal production.

The aim of the great reset is to destroy faith, family, and community, to eliminate private property and individual agency, and to construct a totalitarian top-down system of control at the global level.

They are arguing against self-sufficency and self-reliance at the level of entire countries just as they (the ruling class) openly admit they desire a society without individual ownership. The Center For Risk Analysis did an extensive video on this, detailing the dangerous elements of this ideology.

This group of mostly financial sector shot-callers and political power brokers has decided to take upon itself the central management of the entirety of human civilization without any real input from the billions of people on the planet.

This is the essence of woke communism. It is a modern take on Marxism which relied on 100% state ownership of everything, including the means of production, but it uses a combination of state and corporate structures, all controlled from the top by a select few ruling class, in a centrally managed socioeconomic and sociocultural system.

Collectivist ownership is merely the ownership of everything and everyone by the very few. “You will own nothing and be happy” is totalitarian on two grounds: you have no ownership and therefore no freedom and “you will be happy” means you cannot dissent but will be forced, 1984 style, to like your bondage.

It is sometimes hard to discern whether the financial sector shot-callers are controlling the government shot-callers or the other way around. Is the new global governance structure being proposed a form of fascism where the government controls corporations and uses them as its agents (like having platforms banish people from the digital commons and marketplace at its behest)? Or is it really the mega corporate shot-callers using their influence and ownership of political rulers to essentially make the state an agent of the corporate interests in a sort of “corpostate” hybrid of collectivism and cronyism?

We use the term woke communism because, ultimately, the means of production and property are indeed centralized in terms of ownership and management while the woke cancel culture radicalism, complete with white shaming and alt gender rainbow authoritarianism, is the primary means of advancing that control and destroying the anti-authoritarian institutions of faith, family, and community.

Assaulting your own faith, family, and community and rendering you an undifferentiated and atomized cog in the top-down sociocultural and socioeconomic structure owned by the few but paid for by the many is the essence of what we call woke communism. It is all a form of corpo-statist politocracy: a state and corporate ownership and control of everything coupled with the poltization of all aspects of society wherein politics controls everything and very, very few people control politics.

While the masses as a whole carry more weight and could decimate the power of the ruling class, this requires scaled-up structures and organizations that can pool shared resources and both facilitate comity of action and determine the consensus of the whole so that action is agreeable to everyone participating.

We posit the concepts of spiritual nationhood to create larger-scale organic cohesiveness and alt sovereignties like virtual commonwealths and cryptonations as positive alternatives to the top-down corpo-statist structures and their controls. The ability to gather and organize people on a massive scale to exercise their agency in comity of action requires alt structures that both make larger-scale collaboration possible while positively upholding the spiritual sovereignty and agency of each individual.

The realization that We The People have the ultimate power, because we produce all wealth while the ruling class only control it and fleece the masses, is an internal awakening of agency and spiritual sovereignty that must precede effective action. Harnessing this power requires an at-scale comity of action that individuals and small groups cannot muster because the threat of this “great reset” as a massive scale effort.

That being said, there are many things individuals and small groups can do to find gaps for freedom and essentially hide themselves from the influence and control of the ruling class. We propose things like the multi-family freehold villa or estate, local food and energy freedom clubs, local safety and home security cooperatives, and individuals being well prepared for massive disruptions to society.

At-scale structures that promote comity of action as an offset to the global war on freedom and the whole woke communist ideology will emerge as and when individuals and small groups adopt freedom building methods and moral/ethical precepts on a freewill participatory basis.

The “great reset” is best described as a form of neocommunist dictatorship at the global level that combines corporate and governmental power controlled by the very few who then use woke cancel culture to demoralize the individual and eliminate such institutions as faith, family, and community. Ownership and agency fall before the ruling class, the anti-authoritarian institutions of faith, family, and community are gone, and all speech and economic interactions are controlled by this same ruling class.

Because this combines neocommunist destruction of private ownership with the woke cancel culture to undermine faith, family, and community we call it woke communism. But whatever name you want to call it, “the great reset” is a global power grab that uses cancel culture to destroy anti-authoritarian institutions while also destroying private ownership and instituting a global totalitarian “governance” that only serves the ruling class.