For those who accept the woke communist theory that all white people bear shame and guilt for the alleged misdoings of other white people, the desire to escape being part of the oppressing class is intense. Nobody wants to be irredeemable as an outcast, a pariah, just because of things they cannot control.

NOTE: Not everyone who feels they are not heterosexual or who adopts an alt gender is merely escaping white guilt and nor do they all care about what others think of them. I personally know many alt gendered or non-hetero individuals who I care for and who care for me. The issue here is purely the escape from white guilt, not the fact people may genuinely feel a different sexual orientation or reject gender norms.

So what is a person to do?

The answer is simple: join an oppressed group and vilify the oppressors, especially white, Christian, straight males. Indeed, the hatred of the woke communists for Christianity is particularly virulent. We are seeing children who have bought this woke communist ideology of hate turn on and vilify their own parents and families, often using gross exaggeration just as the woke exaggerate America’s past mistakes, and reveling in how “horrible” their first world privileged life has been because of their evil white, Christian, straight parents.

The path of escape is all too easy: identify as lgbtq or something, anything, other than Christian and straight. Reject these two things and identify as their opposite and you have a free pass into the oppressed class. You are no longer a privileged white male, you are a victim and now you have standing.

The irony of being a privileged white straight male all your life only to become some alt gendered victim whose very victim status gives you privilege!

There aren’t precise surveys we can trust to show the impact of this dynamic, but the trend is likely to be strongly in favor of a mass shift away from the ethical and moral orthodoxy of historic Christianity, for example. The adoption of victimhood is powerful and hard to fight, the victim truly believe they are and have always been oppressed, mostly by their parents and family, who they lie about merely to burnish their bona fides. These lies are actually embraced, they believe them, in that weird way the human mind can reprogram its own memories based on whatever narrative we apply to them.

We are all responsible for our choices and these children who smear their own past, and their family, especially their parents, bear the guilt and shame of dishonoring their own kin. This is not something any human should do lightly because it has consequences. You burn bridges from the only people who would truly have your back, making you isolated and atomized.

For the woke communists, a married mother and father raising their own children according to their Judeo-Christian worldview and values is in and of itself oppression and hardship to endure!

This is cult behavior. The woke communist wants you to reject your own human connections to isolate you from anyone who might be able to warn you about how you are being used and harmed. Having made you a disconnected, undifferentiated, atomized individual without roots or connections of depth, the woke communist shot-callers can turn your mind to mush, destroy your agency, and separate you from God and those who love you.

Almost everyone who is today suddenly realizing they are alt-gendered victims of their Judeo-Christian parents and society is seeking an escape from white guilt. Their connection to anything approaching a just and free worldview and ethic are severed.

They no longer value freedom for all but assiduously follow the edicts promulgated by every establishment in this land, all the while imaging that they are the mavericks and independent thinkers. They are so edgy and unique but all sound alike and safely stay within the lines monopoly corporations have drawn.

From the freedomist perspective, we don’t desire to tell you what to call yourself or who to love, even though we believe a man and woman married for life raising their own or adopted children is the ideal for an advanced civilization. The fact we embrace freedom for all and have zero desire to compel anyone to follow our Judeo-Christian worldview or way of life isn’t enough for these brainwashed alt-gendered corporate robots. We must be punished for sins we did not commit and our way of life must be deconstructed as oppression in order for the addled miscreants to be able to live with themselves.

Demanding others accept things they sincerely believe are a sin is the very height of arrogant authoritarianism but these deceived people cannot see that. If your alt-gendered life isn’t able to withstand others thinking it is a sin, then the problem is your insecurity. As long as that belief doesn’t translate to forcing you to renounce your beliefs as an adult, then you have endured no wrong and have no right to demand or pressure anyone to agree with you.

The woke communists have convinced enough younger people, through our corrupt public schools, that being white, male, Christian, and straight makes you a moral inferior and the only escape is to adopt an alt gender and spew hate on your ancestors and your kin.

If you think the moral and ethical orthodoxy of historic Christianity and the Judeo-Christian worldview in general are somehow oppressive, then you do not understand justice or what is needed for a healthy, prisoerous, and free advanced civilization. To reject these things is to return to primitive savagery, barbaric and uncultured norms that produce sickness, poverty, and tyranny.

Our ideas and beliefs, which you deconstruct and vilify, which is your right which we do no deny, stand on their own. Unlike you bunch of corporate puppets and your alt gender confirmism, we are secure in who we are and what we believe, and we are just as happy to not have your approval for our way of life as we are to disapprove of your woke cancel culture ideology.

If you reject freedom for others, you reject freedom for yourself. If you turn in hatred toward your ancestors and your parents, you are only hating yourself. If you cannot make your own beliefs about your sexuality or gender not about deconstructing and cutting off others but about your own agency as a human being, then maybe it lacks sincerity and is really just an escape from a trap you set for yourself by adopting the white shame/white guilt lies of woke communist cancel culture ideology.