If our authoritarian, unhinged, woke communist President has his way, America would become a wasteland of ruin under the jackboot of private monopoly corporations inspired by their own totalitarian ambitions. Cancel culture authoritarianism and centralized control of sociocultural and socioeconomic life by those corrupt woke corporate monopolies is the true vision of Biden and his morally backwards Party.

Despite the fact we don’t assess that this rather fantastical vision emanating from the minds of men like Biden and the platform owners has any chance of success, it remains worth reporting on their designs and opposing those designs in principle.

President Biden is an authoritarian facing a moral crisis as he betrays all of his once vaunted ideals and values. His language about his political opponents is the language of tyrants: they are variously guilty of being racists, seditious, spreaders of misinformation, and even criminals. His rhetoric surrounding misinformation is blatant authoritarianism no free society should tolerate from its leaders.

Who are on his enemies list?

– anyone who questions the vaccine

– anyone offering treatments for “the virus” that certain backers cannot profit from

– anyone who supports Trump

– anyone who defends the second amendment

– anyone who believes in the doctrinal and ethical orthodoxy of historic Christianity

– anyone who doesn’t parrot his lines and beliefs with gusto

We call people like him woke communists. This doesn’t mean he is a traditional Leninist or Maoist. The woke communist uses social justice cancel culture to inflict controls and they use woke corporations with monopoly powers to enact many of their totalitarian aims.

None of this will survive the courts: these blatant attempts to arrogate power from the many to the few will be nuked from orbit.

All this goes back to “The Patriot Act”, which opened the door to the invasion of Americans’ privacy in order to fight “terrorism”, only now everyone who isn’t part of the Biden cabal is deemed a domestic enemy. The precedents this morally reprobate man are setting would be extremely dangerous for the cause of freedom, but his likelihood of success is quite low.

But people are waking up and the stomach for tolerating this cancel culture authoritarianism has been lost. Americans are having their fill and don’t want any more.

This woke cancel culture movement is a top-down movement inflicted on the country by extremely wealthy people who will not be subject to the very policies they want us to follow. They profit from this and they arrogantly talk down to the middle class as if an average person cannot think for themselves and as if their core values and traditions are contemptible.

Working class, middle class people don’t care about pronouns and deconstruction of American history and heritage. These things don’t increase their wages or address their real issues, like crime and infrastructure, health costs, education costs and lack of good education in general, or other real issues.

As for Biden, he is a mere puppet of these billionaire shot-callers and he is an insecure, petty, corrupt man who lacks basic human decency. He doesn’t have any qualms with making an enemies list and abusing his power to inflict real harm on them.

As Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, ““We are regularly making sure social media platforms are aware of the latest narratives dangerous to public health that we and many other Americans are seeing across all of social and traditional media. We work to engage with them to better understand the enforcement of social media platform policy.”

This will not stand. The courts will dropkick these ideas and policies. Sadly, those who created these illegal policies probably won’t face justice. At least perhaps they may face an election landslide.

Today it’s “disinformation”, as they deem it, about “the virus”, but the principle and scope of this message is pure, unadulterated totalitarianism. These platforms have banned legitimate questions and legitimate treatment options, we now know at the behest of a President who does not respect his oath of office at all.

What we are seeing is paranoia, conspiracy theories, and a heavy-handed authoritarianism become the constant theme of an American President who is clearly unhinged and operating as a rogue wannabe dictator. He won’t succeed, but history will rightly condemn him for trying.