Ben and Jerry Won’t Ice Cream Israel Anymore

Ben and Jerry have decided that in the competition among coercive enterprises, nation-statism, they will choose which nation-statisms are best nation-statisms, and so to that end they have decided the nation-state of Israel is irrelevent when compared to the potential nation-state of Palestine.

Ben & Jerry’s to stop ice cream sales in West Bank and east Jerusalem – 

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2021-07-19 17:07:35


Ben & Jerry’s is going to stop selling its ice cream in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and contested east Jerusalem, saying the sales in the territories sought by the Palestinians are “inconsistent with our values”.

The announcement was one of the strongest and highest-profile rebukes by a well-known company of Israel’s policy of settling its citizens on war-won lands.

The settlements are widely seen by the international community as illegal and obstacles to peace.