Americans are busy defending or assaulting the ties that bind within, but have some reckoning to confront in regards to the wars we fought over the last 50 or so years where a pattern of abandonment of allies has reared its ugly head with regularity.  Afghanistan might be perhaps the most tragic of them all in terms of the grim results on our abandoned allies, were it not for what happened to our abandoned in Cambodia.

This move was initated by Trump and followed through with Biden, though his manner of exit might not be as aligned with Trump’s (a detail that might forever elude our objective-seeking senses) exit plan.

The population that might be the most in danger is one identified as being part of the disenfranchised, a class of humans that we should be extra-vigilant in protecting and lifting up, women.

The female population is in great danger as the Taliban advances into the vacuum of power the US leaves with her hasty retreat.

Afghan Foly Leaves Women of Afghanistan in Grave Danger After US Exit

The women of Afghanistan who enjoye more autonomy under American power, now find themselves at risk of losing it, and worse….

Women’s groups call for UN peacekeeping force in Afghanistan – 
From apnews.com
2021-07-16 00:17:51


UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Women’s rights supporters and faith leaders are calling for a United Nations peacekeeping force for Afghanistan to protect hard-won gains for women over the last two decades as American and NATO forces complete their pullout from the war-torn country and a Taliban…

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