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I Am Freedomist- Are You?
The Freedomist Approach

The Freedomist Approach involves:

A comprehensive and broad Freedomism based on Virtue, Independence, and Sustainability

A very local approach that establishes thousands of 20-120 member “Clubs” to transform their locale into a Freedom Haven

A free-market model as opposed to a charity model so that people pay for and get something of value and if they invest and work they get the credit and the reward

Freedomism, Freedom Havens, and the Free Market are the path forward to a revived and extended American Free Republic!

It’s time to go beyond the protests and the traditional politics that merely try to mimick the anti-Freedomists in their successes, such as Daily Kos and Move On, it’s time to go for greater breadth, greater depth, and for a free market approach!

As founding members of such groups as DontGo and Top Conservatives On Twitter, precursors and launchers of the Tea Party movement, we Freedomists know a thing or two about guerrila warfare in the information revolution that is transforming the world. We know that each movement is meant to lead to the next, we know that the Tea Party movement must grow into something more like an army, completely independent of the establishment’s leaders, money, power, and infrastructure.

We are moving forward, beyond narrow libertinism, toward greater local action, and away from the non-free market “charity” model towards a free market model.

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The Tea Party movement has three major weaknesses which the next evolution of Freedomists must overcome- a lack of breadth due to narrow libertinism, a lack of depth due to its national aproach, and a lack of free market support due to its “charity” model.

Overcoming The Lack of Breadth- A Comprehensive Freedomism

Where the Tea Parties claim to be strong, however, is their greatest point of weakness. The infusion of libertinism, which is afraid of social issues like marriage and being pro-life or the need for moral standards even in public life, into some “Tea Party” groups is rendering them socially and culturally irrelevent and no movement has ever become a powerful force for transformation that ignores social and cultural transformation and reformation!

Morals matter, whoever says you can have freedom without virtue is as unintelligable as someone who claims you can have water without hydrogen!

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Freedom is the power of participating in the decision-making process by which your life, your community, your culture, your free associations, your society, and your state and nation are governed.

Freedom consists of three key elements, each of which must be present: Virtue, Independence, and Sustainability.

Virtue is nothing more or less than a common or shared socio-cultural standard of conduct and ethic. This virtue is something that serves the common good, is reflective of the sentiments, values, and beliefs of the people, is life and family affirming, creates positive and responsible children, is something that leads to positive results for most all people most of the time, and it is created by consensus amongst the People as opposed to being imposed from outside of above.

Independence is your autonomy as a sovereign individual within your community, your free association, and your nation: by it you participate in consensual self-governance, you speak freely, vote, petition, protect yourself, you worship, you enjoy equality of and due respect for your rights, your person, and your property as well as protection of these things from all violators, be they foreign or domestic, be they private and criminal or public and official.

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Sustainability is material and economic self-reliance within a freely competitive marketplace that is self-sustaining for generations in a manner that allows for a balance between all the needs and duties of mankind to their conscience, to themselves, to their progeny, to the Creation around them, and to one another.

The narrow focus on free markets, government corruption, government spending, and excessive regulation fails to so substantially alter the social culture that, in turn, the political culture can be transformed not just for the next election cycle but for generations to come!

This total transformation can only happen by restoring and extending the fundamental beliefs and principles upon which the nation was founded.

Freedomists know that we must lead with the most important things; our moral convictions which affirm life, marriage, childhood in its innocence, basic decency and honesty, healthful lifestyle choices, and the sentiments and affections of the People (instead of the ideology of a radical fringe who control the national media and education establishments).

Overcoming The Lack of Depth- Building Very Local Freedom Havens

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The narrow focus of the Tea Parties is one weakness (a lack of breadth), but this weakness, which in and of itself is critical, is compounded by the national-only focus (lack of depth).

While national politics is where it seems all the glory is, local politics is where all the power is, and “local” is where the anti-Freedomists are weakest- your locale is the achilles heel of the anti-Freedomists!

The Tea Party is not systematically engaged in creating fundamental social, cultural, economic, and political transformation at the “very” local level, down to comunities of 10,000 to 70,000 where 20 to 120 organized citizens with the right tools, knowledge and etc. can quite literally come to dominate the social, cultural, economic, and political environment within 3-6 months if they work in a consistent, unified, and disciplined manner.

This is a two-pronged approach: adding breadth with a lead focus on virtue, independence, and sustainability and adding depth with a focus on mobilizing and organizing people at the very local level. The advantages of such an approach are many, but most fundamentally this approach brings real benefits to the practitioners immediately and it allows for the creation of very local “freedom havens” which are the best defense against abuses by state and federal governments which are not yet under Popular control by Freedomists.

The anti-Freedomists wish that you would ignore this and buy into the lie that morals don’t matter and should be avoided while national politics are where the real action is. They know two things- morals are the best defense against arbitrary rule because they hedge everyone in by common standards consented to from below and not from above and the anti-Freedomists know that they control most all the national institutions but almost none of the local institutions, so they’d rather keep the battle focused on the field where they have all the advantages.

Overcoming The Charity Model- Using The Free Market To Defend The Free Market

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Today, we see big money coming in to steer the Tea Party Movement in the direction a few rich donors or legacy organizations want it to go towards. Perhaps this is the reason for the squeemishness about social issues, perhaps this is the reason why the focus is on national issues, and perhaps this is the reason why free market principles are violated and even shunned as if providing a product or service to better inform or equip citizen can’t or shouldn’t be a for profit endeavor.

Our emphasis has not changed since 1992: Kross Publishing sells products and services that enhance citizen’s ability and potential to make their own stand for their own freedom in their own home towns! We take our own stands and invest ourselves in the fight for Freedom without getting paid or, often, without getting or seeking recognition, but we do not believe “charity” is the best or exclusive way to defend a fre market or Freedom in general.

Our approach, which is a program we sell on the free market (we defend the free market best by actually using it), is to market a “very local” franchise of The Freedomist, including a Freedom Club and a local digital Newspaper, that will provide the information, skill training, resources, support, and governance needed to bring together and support  20-120 Freedomists who will use the power of the Freedom Press to transform their locale into a Freedom Haven within 3-6 months!

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For the franchisees, the local Freedom Club owners, there is an opportunity to earn supplemental income while taking back your part of the country from the anti-Freedomists.

Our role is to create and supply the tools, information, infrastructure, training, and ongoing support that local Club Captains will need and to market this service until we have at least one Club Captain located within every single US Congressional District plus a few in DC itself and in Puerto Rico.

This is a very different approach from the top-down, non-profit approach- people pay to get something of tangible value and they invest in building a support structure to help freedom seeking citizens become more informed and more effective, something people are willing to pay for, instead of giving without getting anything back and working only to see others take the credit and pocket the money!

What we see now are Tea Party groups using essentially anti-Freedomist economic principles instead of relying on the same free market they claim to defend.

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Freedomists put their money where their mouth is- we believe in the free market therefore we use free market principles and methods to defend it!

It’s that simple.

With the Freedomist, if you subscribe, buy a product, or invest in a franchise you get what you pay for and if you do invest, you get the recognition and the reward, not somebody else.

I Am Freedomist, Are You?

Do you believe Freedom is based on Virtue, Independence, and Self-Reliance? Do you believe that “local is where the power is?” Do you believe we should rely on the free market and not just charity to defend the Free Market? Through Freedomism, Freedom Havens, and the Free Market we can take back America from the anti-Freedomists!

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Do you to take America back from the anti-Freedomists?

If you do, then you have options, and NO you do not have to pay just to be able to say “I Am Freedomist”- we don’t believe in charity only but we choose to not restrict Freedom seekers from becoming empowered based on their ability to pay- we want to give ALL Americans, including rich and poor, an equal shot at becoming Freedomists!

Do you want to go beyond the Tea Party and actually have a way to earn income while working to take back your part of America from the anti-Freedomists?

A local franchise for a region of around 50,000 people costs $600 per year and gives you the tools, knowledge, and resources you need to develop and profit from a local Freedom Club of 20-120 members and a local “Freedomist” digital newspaper with anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 paid subscribers.

It does get better, however, as we will be setting up some 100 “super franchises” each with up to 20 regional franchises and 100 local franchises as well its own “Home Club.” These franchise licenses will cost $1800 per year plus a marketing invesment of $500.

Do you want to stay updated on Freedomist news and what Freedomists are doing to take back America from the anti-Freedomists? You can do that for FREE by simply registering you name, city and state, and your email address with freedomist.com/register and we will set up an account for you at no charge.

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As a free user, you will receive offers, but nobody will get your information- advertisers can pay to send information which we will send, nobody can rent or buy lists from us. If you want this information ad-free with extra updates only for our paid subscribers, we offer an annual subscription for $60 per year (you can pay it in 12 installments of $5 each) or you can try it for 90 days at $25.

So let’s recap how you can use and benefit from The Freedomist:

Free- register and get news and updates with special offers from advertisers

Subscribe- get ad-free updates, and more in-depth reports, all for $60 a year in 12 installments, or pay one-time $47 and save over 20%, or pay $25 for a 90 day plan.

Franchises- the local franchise is $600 per year, payable in 12 monthly installments of $50, in 4 installments of $135 (10% discount) or one-time at $480 (20% discount)

Super Franchise- $500 marketing fee up front with an annual cost of $1800 payable in 12 installments of $150 (save 20% by paying $1440)

I Am Freedomist!
Are you?

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