President Biden has given up on making saving Americans his priority as his corrupt State Department has prevented charter flights paid for by Glenn Beck from leaving Afghanistan. The State Department failed to inform the Taliban the flights were approved, possibly on the simple grounds that Beck, a loud critic of Democrats, was the one paying for the ride at $750,000 a plane for 6 planes.

Beck’s fleet of two Airbus 340s and four Boeing 737s from Kam Air are sitting empty in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif. They are without their passengers, which include at least 142 Americans. Biden has surrendered them as hostages to the Taliban, evidently because the wrong person was helping to rescue them. As the saga continues, the Biden team focuses on its rainbow authoritarianism agenda with countess distractions from reality. All this while the adoring press refuse to confront this latest quisling behavior.

Possibly thousands of Americans are stranded in Afghanistan and are being used as bargaining chips by the terrorist Taliban who are demanding money and other concessions which the quisling American President is all too willing to concede. The President promised to not leave before getting all Americans, but he also promised the Taliban to be gone by a certain date. Biden left 24 hours earlier than the deadline, keeping his promise to the terrorists, while he broke his promise to his country and to those Americans now being held hostage to the Taliban by his policies.

No effort, certainly no threats, are being used to free Americans from the Taliban’s control, but the rainbow flags are flying and the proper use of people’s pronouns is potentially being explored as a regulatory requirement.

The Biden administration’s priorities are, in this order, alt gendered rainbow authoritarianism, killing the unborn, disarming free people, deplatforming dissenting voices, opening the border to import voters and provide slave labor to corporate backers, using the coronareich to further erode human dignity and human rights, borrowing to spend more money on failed ideas, and denigrating everything good about America in the name of fighting racism. We should, his main priority is putting good and decent people on government watch lists for refusing to be neutered and turned into a modern day serf.

Democrats have truly become the hedonistic and perverted version of the Taliban, only unlike the Taliban who kill people over their sexual orientation, the PROGIBAN cancel people who refuse to salute their alter gendered gods or their rainbow flags. Alt gendered rainbow authoritarianism is the extremist ideology and religion of the corrupt and morally reprobate Biden Administration.

Americans held hostage in Afghanistan don’t care what pronouns you use on them, they just want to come home.