To free your mind from spiritual and then also social, cultural, and economic serfdom at the service of the ruling class, you must take aggressive control over the mental constructs you have accepted and allow your life to be defined by.

Mental constructs are how we define our reality in terms of the reasonable norms, acceptable behavior, and expected laws of cause and effect. If we look at an institution or organization and categorize it a certain way, the category that colors our mental construct tells us what to expect within and from that institution.

Words like nation, country, government, state, politics, church, marriage, family, kinship, community, and society, among others, conjure mental constructs which we usually inherit or become acculturated to by socializing agents, like our churches, media, or schools. If our mental construct of these things changes, so does our expectation and perception about how they should function and the type of things they should do.

If church in your mental construct conjures images of a church service, a member of the clergy, or a church building, then your entire range of possibilities, expectations, and acceptable behavior and norms will be limited and defined thereby. If your mental construct of church, as in ekklesia, is based on seeing the whole Body of Christ within an area as a spiritual city-state and the gathered assembly thereof as its ruling council, then your entire range of possibilities and etc for what church should be and do and how it should function will change.

Imagine seeing the church as a civic and sociocultural as well as socioeconomic body based on a foundation of personal and shared spiritual sovereignty. The religious functions of local congregations within the whole would not define the whole, for example.

We could go through many of these things and ask challenging questions about the accuracy or, more importantly, desirability and benefit of such mental constructs. If we resort to an intentionality about such matters, if we seriously question whether our mental constructs truly come from truth or what we are used to even if it isn’t true or useful, we may both see ways we have been controlled and ways to end that control.

To purposefully interrogate your mental constructs means you ask hard questions like:

1. What has been the historic view of this?

2. Have cultures expressed, or do they present express, different mental constructs about this and do they tend more to favor me than the ruling class?

3. What are the spiritual, logical, historical, and scientific foundations or known roots to my own mental construct about this?

4. What are the Biblical roots, if any, of this mental construct or does this contradict Biblical truth?

5. In studying all references to this entity or institution, like the state/magistrate, governments and kingdoms, family, and etc, do my mental constructs about these things harmonize with their treatment and description in the Bible?

As we approach these subjects (like “what constitutes a good magistrate in the Bible?”), we may find that the Biblical view and our accustomed view are at variance. We are then forced to decide the comfort of keeping to our old view, insensible to contradictions and the angst they cause, or we may choose to discard our old view and adopt the Biblical model and then let the chips fall where they will.

What we have discerned and bear our own witness to is that there is often little harmony between the historical and Biblical mental constructs about many vital institutions within human civilization and the way we have been acculturated to view them. If one truly wishes to emulate the more advanced and civilized mental constructs of most civilizational institutions and structures, like the family and marriage, one must be willing to discard, as inconvenient as it is, the old mental constructs.

Once the old and decrepit mental constructs we were spoon-fed by unthinking socializing agents (like teachers and even, sadly, clergy, and the press and entertainment industry) are discarded and new mental constructs rooted in truth, history, and the Bible, are embraced, a change in thinking and behavior is necessitated.

As an example, if your mental construct of the word “church” envisions the ruling assembly for a spiritual city-state of the Elect, which includes all Electors, as in all citizens of the Kingdom of God, then your expectations and even how you organize constituent bodies of people of that spiritual city-state (family, extended multi-family households, local congregations, and the such) will change significantly from the IRS-approved 501 c 3 church-as-religious-club perception of the church. The “new” mental construct is not like the old! The “new” mental construct is, however, both more ancient and more advanced than the “church as religious club” model.

Mental constructs control you mind and poison your soul when they are at variance with the Heavenly Blueprint for human civilization and all its constituent communities, institutions, and structures. One may individually be right with God and their salvation secure and yet find that their scope of action and fulfillment in this life was severely limited by faulty mental constructs that kept them in their designated place as a mere serf toiling for the benefit of the ruling class.

It is our sole moral and intellectual responsibility to not allow our mental constructs to be dictated by rote internalization through the powerful and corrupt socializing agents of this depraved sociocultural and socioeconomic order. We must understand and acknowledge that the present civilizational paradigm is a porridge of embedded assumptions and mental constructs that defy the Heavenly Blueprint for human civilization in every detail. Sadly, these negative and freedom-taking assumptions have also infected many establishment ruling class, clerical leaders as well as leading personalities and thinkers in the “church world.”

Every socializing institution of the present civilizational paradigm, from churches and schools to the press and corporatations, has accepted the embedded mental constructs created by the ruling class to regiment society and bind most people to a state of dependency. Basically, unless we reject the embedded assumptions and mental constructs of the ruling class we will always be serfs in their service.

How we see these present-day structures and institutions of human civilization dictates the limits and possibilities that will either constrain us or liberate us. Is marriage simply a private contract between two consenting adults for mutual pleasure and benefit or is it a holy fractal emulating the relationship of Christ and the church and meant to perpetuate and grow both the human race and the Body of Christ through reproduction and childbearing?

We certainly believe that the latter is true, even infertile couples can nurture and support spiritual offspring, and at the same time we believe you must be free to choose your mental construct on things like marriage and the family according to your own beliefs and convictions.

As we explore institution after institution and structure after structure we may discern, “society needs a rewrite.” But rather than impose our ideas and concepts about such a rewrite, it is better, we propose, to focus more on our own personal choices and views and to intentionally connect and build anew with others whose mental constructs closely approximate our own.

Being deliberate about interrogating our own mental constructs about every structure and institution that governs our life is extremely liberating to the mind, soul, and spirit. Just leaving the mental prison of accepting embedded assumptions as truth without critical analysis can begin to improve our decisions and actions, relationships and associations, and inner quality of life.