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A “Prophetic” Warning Against The Godless Democratic Party

The following is written from a spiritual, Biblical perspective with an understanding that we wrestle not against flesh and blood and with a heart toward saving people from the “doctrines of devils” which underlay the agenda of today’s Democratic Party and its supporters.

We use this word “prophetic” in the sense it fortells trouble, presents an alternative, and warns of consequences, not because the writer claims to be a prophet of God or anything like that.

DEMOCRATS ARE ENEMIES OF GOD DAMNED TO A DEVIL’S HELL……And yet God loves each and every one and wants to save their souls.

Indeed, it must be remembered that we who may reject the doctrines of devils contained in the Democratic Party platform and their agenda are no better than anyone else without Christ.

Let’s start with the bad part and the rage but balance it with God’s love and mercy.

The anger and rage any decent human being must necessarily feel for the pure evil that is the Democratic Party is eventually the going to lead to the demise of that rebellious entity, although this entire land may suffer because her people align themselves with this wicked Party.

This is a justified feeling. But it must be balanced by love for the very people we may feel angry about.

We can argue that today’s Democrats (the Party’s leaders and financial backers) are the most immoral, barbaric people ever to have lived in this lands since the first humans came here. We may even say their spirits are shriveled, dark, and reprobate and that, in our estimation, they are a hazard to the every survival of this country, worse than ISIS.

(Worse than ISIS because they are quislings against the Founders and America’s true manifest destiny and they are subverting our institutions from within in a nefarious way.)

God says “male and female He created them” and this Party of wonton perverts claim 100 genders, and insist we cater to this alt-gendered demonic garbage on pain of being canceled. To hell with that! Literally.

The Bill of Rights recognizes our inherent rights to free speech and these cretins create monopoly platforms through a bait and switch deception which censor any speech the demonic Party doesn’t like. As for the rights of self-preservation, freedom of assembly, and freedom of religion/conscience, the Democrats’ totalitarian Party of perverts and child abusers tramples on them with criminal abandon.

No, we don’t dialog with terrorists, Nazis, Communists, or Democrats. The shot-callers of the Democratic Party are in such wicked company and only a miracle from God will stop their pathetic lifeless souls from burning in hell for eternity, which every one of them richly deserves.

(Before you get all self-righteous, remember WE ALL DESERVE HELL and will get hell without Christ.)

To Democrats, we warn, you disobey and rebel against the living God, you damn yourselves. Your ways are the ways of death, your Party Platform is sin, dipped in misery, and covered in sorrow.

Every Democrat, every person who votes Democrat, is cursed because you align yourself with Satan against the Living God and His chosen People: you will either repent and recant this Party’s ideology or you will lose your eternal soul to a devil’s hell. It is that stark.

The Democratic Party and every single person who supports or votes for them are the Midianites seeking to genocide the People of God and to turn this land into a hellscape of alt-gendered totalitarian misery. You are damned, all of you: you cannot be a Democrat and be a follower of Christ.

That’s the bad part. It’s stark. It’s not nice and, frankly, seems over the top in an era when Democrats are so used to getting a pass and when every institution praises them and extols them as the best people and everyone else as bad. It is a shock for a Democrat to hear that their ideas and ideology are basically just retreads of the doctrines of devils.

They are all the same old lies from Satan, which began in Eden: you will be as little gods knowing right from wrong and in need of no master save yourselves. Of course, Satan knows that when you leave God’s covering and rebel against Him, you become a slave of sin and a minion of hell.

The corrupted press, academia, and entertainment industries all behave as if the Democratic Party platform itself were inviolate Scripture and the Bible was the demonic platform. Democrats have never been truly held to account for their evil ways. The left scream “separation of church and state”, when in truth their state religion is authoritarian decadence and their true aim it to persecute and even murder Christians who refuse to compromise their faith and convictions.

Jesus Christ died for sinners. Democrats are but the latest version of sinfulness and evil on a mass scale without check or balance, and when Jesus was dying on the Cross, His love was reaching to THESE VERY PEOPLE.

THIS IS WHY I will not let the rage that may rise within me when I hear a Democrat once again declaim against God’s law and call them evil cause me to sin or to hate these people. I will not hate evildoers who are only following their flesh and who are basically being misled by demonic and dark forces which they do not even know exist.

God loves Democrats, even though their very Party Platform reflects hatred of God’s laws and denial of His sovereignty over humankind. God’s will is not for us to rise up and start attacking Democrats, even though we are seeing them increasingly attack their political opponents in a blatant abuse of power that is deeply criminal.

We must proclaim the Kingdom, call for repentance, and preach the Gospel in truth, love, and mercy, with grace and with daily discipline. Whatever God may allow us to endure, even unto death, we must not forget He is God and these Democrats, like the Midianites, are utterly doomed unless they turn from their rebellion and receive the truth of Christ’s love and salvation.

Too oftne we, including myself, act on our anger and rage.

It is not bad to be angry that we hear how Democrats want to butcher children who have been groomed at school into believing they can change their sex/gender and experiment with sexual activities outside of the only form of marriage prescribed by God, a man and a woman who partner for life.

The Democrats’ slavish devotion to sexual deviancy and a denial of God’s just and righteous laws for the roles of genders, marriage, and sexual purity can make any decent, moral person angry. This is especially true because we know that if this land promotes such through its laws and abuses children in the process, on top of murdering them in the womb, that God’s wrath is likely to be poured out on this land.

Remember it says that though thousands on either side fall, if we are in the Lord, it will not come close to us our our dwelling. God will not let us suffer in this life unless it benefits us eternally and brings Him Glory.

Today’s Democrats are the modern Midianites, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the way these reprobate fools are vanquished will be exactly as the Midianites were. However, it does mean we should be more like Gideon and his 300 in terms of waiting on God and that, as Christians, we must continue in love toward even these enemies of the Kingdom that some may at least be saved.

Anyone who is a Democrat today is a rebel against God and enemy of the Kingdom: their Party’s platform is an abomination against God’s laws. We have to say that and warn them becuase never in US History have any group of people embraced the kind of utter evil this Party champions with their rainbow fascist savagery.

Even any good we see in this party, the lip service they give toward the poor and disadvantaged is often better than the substance of how Republicans serve such people, is nullified by their wonton rebellion against God’s laws. They desire to codify doctrines of devils into US itself in a Haman-like move to persecute the Elect and that makes every person who votes for them a traitor to the Kingdom if such claim to be Christians.

The choice is not Democrats versus Republicans, the choice is either follow God or vote Democrat, because no follower of Christ can ever associate with a Party that openly defies God’s laws on the most sacred of matters, regardless of how they may at least give lip service to the poor and disadvantaged (which is the only good they do).

Sexual sin, murdering the unborn, and perverting/grooming children and then butchering them are the most vile things any human being can engage in. Yes, we should serve the poor and disadvantaged, we should visit the fatherless and the widows, but if we claim to be just becuase we say we are about helping those in need while committing and/or tolerating those other sin, then nothing we can do will wipe the slate clean: we are evildoers without hope unless we repent and disassociate from all such things and from that wicked Party.

Democrats rightly point out that too many Christians who declaim against their perverted sexual agenda and abuse/murder of children do not care for the poor and disadvantaged and do not truly despise things like racism and misogyny. But they forget that the deepest and most vile sins they extol and the way they lionize the evildoers while defaming the righteous are far worse and damn their souls.

This is not a binary choice in which Democrats represent Satan and Republicans represent Christ. DEMOCRATS DO REPRESENT HELL ITSELF but Republicans do not represent Christ, they just don’t openly and wholeheartedly embrace the alt-gendered child killing, child grooming, doctrines of devils invoked be the Democratic Party.

One could be a Christian and vote Republican or not vote or vote some third party, but to vote for a Party whose very platform defies God’s laws and pursues the canonization of eivl in law is to rebel against God and betray the Kingdom.

The issue is not that Democrats might have a live and let live attitude that says people can decide their own sexuality and who they love: they actually want to legally shun and shame and internally banish anyone who dares say these things are a sin and who wishes to have no part in such things. They want to groom children to embrace these things and they want to punish those who reject such things, even if in rejecting these things we may not demand laws against people having a freewill choice in such matters.

But Christ died for these people. He died that they might live. We can tell them the truth, that they are following doctrines of devils, betraying the Kingdom (if they claim to be Christians), and waging war against God and His Elect. We must, however, also love them and desire their salvation and preach to them that Christ can set them free from the deception and bondage they are embracing in ignorance.

If you are a Democrat and claim to follow Christ, you are in deep and mortal danger. You cannot serve or support any entity whose very platform is a rebellion against God’s laws and which openly supports the persecution of people who choose to follow God’s laws to the exclusion of every other doctrine or ideology not forged within their spiritual crucible.

This doesn’t mean, ipso facto, you should suddenly become a Republican. That is a matter of your own conviction. Republicans aren’t the Elect, they just don’t have a platform that is founded upon open rebellion against God’s laws. (I vote straight Republican becuase I am essentially only trying to limit the power of Democrats, not because I think the Republicans will save us.)

If the Republicans begin to embrace the alt-gendered perverted agenda and baby-killing in their platform, then no sane or decent person will have a political home in this country and if or when that happens we can say without a doubt this land is already under judgement.

Efforts to incorporate the alt-gendered sexual deviancy into the GOP platform are, unfortunately, under way, although it is unlikely to happen this cycle. Still it is a sign of the end times, if not for humanity at least this civilization, that we may within a few more election cycles find that most American citizens support codifying open rebellion against God’s laws into the US criminal code and the persecution of the Righteous who cannot abide or participate in such.

For now, only the Democratic Party, of the two major parties, is openly defiant of God and at war against the Kingdom. For now, we must warn people to turn to Christ and reject/disavow that Party and its doctrines of devils because we love them and want them to have eternal life.

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