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We Must Build New Communities

Bill Collier- Without support from other people who share the same culture and who are materially self-sustaining, a culture will die. This requires the development of new communities that have norms and standards of conduct, as well as decision-making structures, that strongly reflect their own cultural convictions and way of life.

You must realize that the top-down political culture that permeates your society and imposes barbaric norms that previous generations rightly saw as moral depravity. The formation of new communities, which can be in one contiguous space or distributed, is essential to preserving our Judeo-Christian worldview and way of life. The ability to form such clusters of people who have their own material independency and their own sociocultural and socioeconomic norms and standards is an inherent right that no person or government has any morally justifiable jurisdiction over.

The ability to form such community with others who are of the same mind is being hounded and limited by authoritarianism, but, regardless of the law, our rights to self-determination are inviolate and come from God. Our tendency to work within the law inasmuch as we are able doesn’t mean we morally concur with any notion that the state has legitimate power over our freewill participatory communities.

The barbaric savages and their alt-gendered atomization not only desire this hedonistic and perverted way of life, based on animalistic self-gratification, but they most definitely want to destroy any mechanisms by which a culture founded upon millenia of historic Christian moral and doctrinal orthodoxy can preserve itself. But to God we must be true.

Our goal must be to create sociocultural and socioeconomic structures in the form of local intentional communities, even if they are distributed, that nurture this Judeo-Christian worldview and way of life. The legal structures and means may require quite a creative and multi-faceted approach with multiple different types of legal entities with different functions all coordinating to essentially, de facto, creat a materially and economically autononous community where the social, cultural, and economic standards and norms are still strongly guided by a Judeo-Christian worldview.

Again, the barbarian savages don’t want Judeo-Christian communities to emerge because they know these communities will thrive and will provide a strong freedom option to their alt-gendered authoritarianism. We don’t have to fear them because the God of Creation is not their God, they are not on His side, we are on His side, and we are doing his work. Therefore God will guide and protect us but we MUST take the first bold steps.

The call to form communities based on some form of Christian nationhood defined by Kingdom essentials and His standards of righteousness and justice with freedom and prosperity is the radical imperative of our time.

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