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Defining Freedom and Building Freedom

Defining and building freedom in our lives, relationships, associations, and communities is a vital necessity in this unforgiving time of troubles. Freedom is being hunted by a complex junta of corporate and political rulers and America is devolving into a land of serfs where everyone who isn’t a ruler is a slave.

We must not allow the controversies and blaring breaking news headlines distract us from the fundamentals or keep our eyes off our true course, we must resort, again and again, to the sacred and just standards of freedom as intended by our Creator. If you do not have this focus and intentionality you will become too easily distracted by the bogeyman fears and utopian promises and by your own partisan identity to notice yet another war crime against the cause of freedom.

Leaving behind the sophistry and nuance of wordsmiths who may debate the meaning of freedom in some sort of bloodless, academic, and detached tone, we should define freedom in a more practical, everyday manner.

For Freedomists, freedom is the domain of the free, people created in the image of God and who own an inherent spiritual sovereignty from which all other individual and shared forms of sovereignty are derived. In practical terms, freedom is a condition in which most all decisions and common norms or standards that govern your life emanate mostly from you, then those you freely associate with, then your very local community of all your fellow citizens, and, finally, and in a minor capacity, the states, the corporate world, and the federal government.

From the perspective of how one obtains and maintains freedom, and all these things must be voluntary, not imposed, it is necessary to exercise and achieve civic and moral virtue, liberty as defined by the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights, and independence through material autonomy and self-reliance at the individual to local scale. In short, one needs virtue, liberty, and independence to obtain and maintain freedom, but the pursuit of these things must be strictly voluntary.

Whatever bogeyman you fear or whatever utopian promises you crave, if the policies and actions devised materially hinder one’s ability as an individual in free association with others to obtain the conditions of and exercise the practices of virtue, liberty, and independence, then one is committing a crime against humanity. Everything must be judged through this litmus test: does it IMPEDE any individual in free association with others from exercising or obtaining virtue, liberty, or independence?

The condition of freedom, obtained and maintained through virtue, liberty, and independence, is a condition every person and every community of people own all sovereign authority as unto God to seek and obtain and then maintain without hindrance. Every hindrance thereto is in fact a crime against God Himself, whose own sovereignty is conveyed to and through each individual human being.

We define freedom in these terms. We understand the world of sophists and philosophers, the world of pundits and politicians, will continue to debate freedom, often in stark partisan rhetorical terms with all participants missing the point and only using freedom as a cover for their hidden agenda.

One might argue, and many do, that the left wants “freedoms” that obliterate independence, the right want freedoms that obliterate virtue. Whether or not you see it this way, neither the left nor the right in American politics has advanced the cause of freedom or consistently lived up to the freedom standard as defined by virtue, liberty, and independence. For example, the right gave us “the Patriot Act”, the left gave us the IRS!

Building freedom is not easy or simple. To build freedom one must also engage in civic and political activism, at least to try and mitigate the overstep of corporations and the state, both of which wield an unhealthy amount of power and tend to make the three standards of freedom difficult to obtain.

The above being said, it is urgent that you understand that the foundation of freedom building is that which you do as an individual and in free association with others. If your civic and moral virtue is lacking, why do you think a more civically and morally virtuous person will rise to power in the corporate and political worlds which essentially run your life? Without your own respect for the liberty of all, sans favoritism or prejudice, how then can you expect such respect for yourself from more power corporate and governmental authorities? Without the intentional and deliberate pursuit of your own material independency how can you expect independence from the influence and control of the corporations and government?

If we want to build freedom we cannot eschew civic or political activism, but neither must we allow ourselves to be or feel limited to these venues of action. Understanding and using virtue, liberty, and independence first as an individual and then in freewill participation with others is the foundation of building freedom in your own life, relationships, and associations.

Perhaps you should more diligently study what freedom is in its standards and what practices one must engage in to actualize those standards in a meaningful way in your own life. Building freedom is a deliberate act that will be an inconvenience and sacrifice, especially because this present sociocultural and socioeconomic structures, governed by corporate and political rulers from the top down, is designed to keep people down as serfs. For those who refuse to be serfs, just using what is convenient and handy and trying to fit in isn’t a viable option: only rulers are served and serfs are managed by these structures and arrangements. If you neither seek to be ruler nor accept your role as a serf, then everything from how you spend your time and money to who you do this with just radically change.

Everyone who doesn’t have a way of defining freedom that is similar to this way we are defining it and who doesn’t actively seek to build it, even when it is not convenient, is a serf or a ruler, and is most likely a serf. Don’t be a serf. Define your freedom and build your freedom in your own life and relationships, be deliberate and intentional, and make respect for freedom the litmus test for who your inner circle are.

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