The United States just acknowledged that the reason American markets were opened to China, the reason we would share our technology with China was a failure, yet no change to continuing to keeping our markets open to China, and our technology still regularly being shared with China.

That reason was this, that American capitalism would transform China from an authoritarian government to a democratic one.  The United States just admitted not only that this didn’t happen, but that it never will, AND the United States doesn’t even want to change China anymore.  We just want to make money in peace so we can fund our private projects at home without being held accountable to the American markets we can now wholly monopolize and control.

The US must prove it no longer seeks to change China’s system: Global Times editorial

From www.globaltimes.cn
2021-11-08 14:03:00


US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said in an interview with CNN broadcast on Sunday that one of the US’ errors of previous approaches to policy toward China was a belief that through US policy, the Chinese system will fundamentally transform. Yet this is not the object of the Biden administration. Sullivan mentioned that “The goal of America’s China policy is to create a circumstance in which two major powers are going to have to operate in an international system for the foreseeable future.” He added that the environment should be “more favorable to the interests and values of the US and its allies and partners.”

As national security advisor, Sullivan said the US government is no longer trying to transform China’s system. This can be regarded as a step in a positive direction for Washington. At the same time, we need to see the Democratic administration focuses on ideology a lot. Sullivan made such a statement not because the US has lost the will to “transform China,” but because the US has reluctantly accepted a reality: To transform China is something that the US cannot achieve.

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