If we want to promote freedom outside the monopoly platforms we must use paid subscription models that aren’t so cheap that the alt platforms cannot afford a robust architecture and virtual infrastructure.

Free, monopoly platforms make you the commodity. They sell your data and moderate content in a manner not suited to your needs or values, because your needs and values are meaningless to them.

Platforms that are not adequately funded by users are incapable of providing the technical infrastructure needed to be an alternative to the monopoly platforms. We propose that for those who love freedom, the paid subscription model is the only way to go. The $4.95/month or less subscription model doesn’t begin to raise enough money in the early stages to provide a robust enough platform that has the right content and features and that just works without crashing.

Join the fight! Back The Freedomist!

If we are going to unseat the woke monopoly platforms and their anti-freedom agenda, then both platform builders and their supporters will have to shoulder the cost, and not on the cheap!

To create these platforms a crowdfunding effort that has a basic starting point and adds content and features as the subscriber base grows is necessary. Only paid subscriptions can replace the need or temptation to bow to the whims of “woke” corporations who cater to a vocal, shill monitory of freedom taking loons!

That is why subscribing to The Freedomist is so urgent and necessary at this hour. Our company is investing in a new platform, called “Upadaria”, as a virtual homeland for freedom seekers and followers of Jesus, as well as anyone who loves freedom. We are also investing in and building The Freedomist itself in terms of content.

We acknowledge that our subscription prices are not competitive with subsidized or free platforms that offer you free or cheap access in exchange for selling your data and bowing to the whole of “wokedom.” Our goal is to provide you bespoke level content and then features, as eCitizens of our new platform, which you can use to connect, collaborate, and broadcast your own message or promote your own business, organization, or ministry.

The “supporting subscriber” level is $45/month, $105/quarter, or $295/year. As a supporting subscriber you will gain beta access to the new platform, called Upadaria, you will gain more and more premium, bespoke content that informs and empowers you, and you will be supporting people who work every day to promote freedom for all people.

When the new platform is ready, we will send you a login so you can set up your account at no additional charge. You will not lose access to this site, however you may have two logins until, eventually, the entire Freedomist site is ported over to the new platform.

Why should you support our efforts?

You are sick of the monopoly platforms, you are sick of the woke authoritarians and their war on freedom, and you want to gain access to trustworthy, accurate, and detailed news and other content that enhances your life. For all these reasons and more, your decision to become a supporting subscriber to The Freedomist and, eventually, become an eCitizen, Freeholder, or Ecclesian of our “Virtual Commonwealth” (all at no extra cost), is a decision to fight for freedom and defy the opposition in their bid to erect an authoritarian stranglehold over the web.

This is NOT a so-called “free speech platform.” Our concept is based on the idea of niche communities, in our cause one catering to more socially conservative freedom lovers whose Judeo-Christian worldview is under constant assault. This niche comnunity, called Upadaria, will become part of larger internet ecosystem of various diverse and independent niche communities which connect via API hooks for mutual benefit. You might post a classified ad in one community that is shared with many others.

This is our vision for a free and pluralistic internet of independent niche communities connected voluntarily through API hooks or other means.

The recapture of the digital commons will have to be financed by us as paid subscribers and it will have to begin one niche community at a time. Your support of our effort will begin a process of digital liberation that will extend well beyond our core audience.

Why supoort US?

My name is Bill Collier and I have been engaged in successful efforts to take back lost freedoms and advance good policy at all levels since 1992. As a political and marketing professional with decades of news experience, I have assembled a team of world class developers and virtual community builders. I may not be famous, I don’t seek the limelight, but I have been a part of major newsworthy efforts for almost 30 years.

As coauthor of “The Capitalist Manifesto”, my work has been praised by the top minds in the economic world, including Steve Forbes, whose business and economic acumen is well known. Given the right support from people like you, my team and I can build an online property and resource that will also make history, even as my work has for almost 30 years.

Our team are proven, consumate professionals who have a track record of success and if you back us we will build a platform and community that simply WORKS and that isn’t beholden to the woke authoritarian freedom takers.

I have personally, through my company, invested over $80,000 and others are basically matching that with services and resources. This is not something planned and dreamed, it is being built: a website, a platform, and a book all tied in together. You have a chance to become an early supporter and help us get over the top and add more content and staff to ensure this works well and is well worth it.

Some cannot afford this. We have no intention of leaving anyone behind. But for now we need to build a base of support from those for whom $45/month or $295/year isn’t a whole lot of money. Indeed, anyone who can afford this has the greatest incentive to support this as the success of our efforts will have the net effect of preventing wealth redistribution by the property-hating woke extremists.

The first intended “victims” of the woke freedom raking authoritarians will be those who have property and wealth worth taking and who refuse to tow the line. So get on board now and help us fight back!

Yes, we make no apologies for the fact our appeal for support is to those who can afford this kind of commitment to invest in both their own freeom and prosperity and the advancement of freedom in general.

Explore this website and decide for yourself if you want to support a freedom-building effort that will result in a new platform that paves the way to unseat the woke monopoly platforms and their freedom taking agenda.