IT’S WAR ON THE RANSOMWARE HACKERS- The ransomware group, Dark Side, has earned the ire of the Federal Government after their hacking and blackmailing of the Colonial Pipeline. This attack shut down fuel for a good portion of the southeast, leading to gas shortages and gas lines at the pumps, and the victim, the company, paid the ransom. But little did the ransomware attackers realize the ire that would come their way. The Department of Justice announced that they have “turned the tables” on the hackers, recovering most of the Bitcoin paid in ransom, and disrupting the network.

By attacking core infrastructure these allegedly Russian hackers have finally gotten to unwanted attention of a massive system that prides itself in doing the impossible. Imagine the entire US “intelligence community”, including NSA and CIA, waking up every day looking for ways to make your day go badly. This is what the “Dark Side” group has earned, and what many of these Eastern European and Russian or other hackers have earned for themselves: the unmitigated ire of the entire US Government directed every day at them.

It is about time. These types of people who stop people from getting dialysis or shut whole hospitals down truly deserve to be disappeared late in the night and never to be seen or heard from again. They endanger human life on a massive scale, on a war crimes scale, and they must be made to pay a steep and ridiculously high price.

We applaud what Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said, “By going after the entire ecosystem that fuels ransomware and digital extortion attacks, including criminal proceeds in the form of digital currency, we will continue to use all of our tools, and all of our resources to increase the cost and the consequences of ransomware attacks and other cyber-enabled attacks.”