The Freedomist adheres to a lifestyle and governance discipline called UPDRism, pronounced you-pah-dare-ee-an-ism and spelled “Upadarianism.” It is based on the four core ideals for a free society, Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law.

Our mission is to provide news and empowerment content that enables individuals to acheive a state of freedom, the dominion of the free, through practicing virtue, liberty, and independence.

Our vision is to establish autonomous, citizen-owned local to regional Freedomist publications run by practitioners of our UPDR lifestyle and governance discipline all over the world. Practitioners of our lifestyle and governance discipline will be empowered as individuals and through mutuality with others to find and fulfill God’s best for their lives with excellence. Such fully empowered and connected people will have a transfigurative impact on the world around them and in this manner we will contribute to making the world more free.

Currently, the Freedomist is run by founder and publisher Bill Collier. With a background that includes military intelligence, political consulting, marketing, and ministry, Bill Collier is uniquely qualified to run such a venture.

Premium subscriptions will be set at $5/month for the first 2500 subscribers, thereafter rising to $15/month. For initial subscribers, the cost will remain fixed for as long as they remain active subscribers.

Daily content will move as needed and will include a mixture of news intelligence and analysis, empowerment content, alerts on human rights issues, military technology, news regarding the Christian world, and more. The tone will be intelligent, informative, and objective.

Subscriptions will be used to crowdfund the development of a web platform that will further equip and empower practitioners of the UPDR governance and lifestyle discipline through connections, cooperation, and collaboration. This web 3.0 platform is being called a “cryptonation” because it will be based on the same cryptographic technology as cryptocurrency (the blockchain) and it will be modelled on a form of nationhood or intentional national identity not limited by ancestry, race, or political borders.

Those among the first 2500 subscribers who agree to abide by the broad “Pledge of Common Unity” will be offered a free eResidence membership in the “virtual Commonwealth” which will normally retail at $45/month.