We must gather together exclusively with fellow freedom builders to defeat the cancel America crowd in our hearts, lives, communities, and nation!

By Bill Collier- The subtlety of subconsious manipulation is insidious and both mentally and morally corrupting in its influence. Even people who consciously reject the spiritual and moral premises of something can be influenced subconsciously to limit their thinking to its programmed parameters. In essence, the horizon of your potential is restricted in your own mind by hidden agents of influence.

The Cancel America agenda is just such a corrupting influence in our hearts. It is all-present and always under the surface of everything the corpostate ruling classes control. Your news and entertainment, your platforms, your games, and especially corporate policies all come from the place of saying and believing America is bad or racist or something that isn’t true and has never been true in the general sense.

If you examine your instincts about what to say in public, you will find the cancel America agenda governs your tongue, often for fear of being canceled yourself. But a society in which truth is suppressed in public discourse and where the ones who know the truth are cowed into silence is a dying society that has numbered its days.

Eventually, if this continues, your progeny will grow up in a land in which every voice and influence will pressure them into unconscious and unthinking acceptance of this cancel America agenda and its philosophical foundations. But it won’t stop there: they will be compelled to applaud and participate in the excess of depravity lest they be shunned and canceled. They will either grow up in a living hell by being punished for holding fast to truth or they will become deceived and morally compromised, no longer able recognize the truth.

Wanton self-indulgence in personal moral behavior, based on the lowest carnal pleasures (“excess of riot”), always goes hand-in-hand with collective control by the very few over the very many. In short, moral corruption leads to the kind of political and corporate overlordship (we call this the “corpostate” for short) we all sense is emerging. When the “corpostate” press arbitrarily proclaim the next President and suppress both all contrary news and news about his corruption, you know you are witnessing the end of individual freedom or accountability of the rulers to the ruled.

It all starts in your own heart. You are being corrupted into either silence or compliance, or both, with regards to a cancel America agenda and beliefs you find spiritually and morally reprehensible. You are not just being deplatformed online, your voice is being deplatformed in your workplace, among family, and in public.

People are losing their voice, knowing that the voices that are favored are saying things that are not true and that, if followed, will lead to the creation of a living hell for their own progeny. This is truly the dystopian nightmare of science fiction coming to pass before our eyes.

Your silence or just reticence to speak out is a crushing defeat to your very soul. Deep down this disturbs you and makes you feel dirty, incomplete, like a sellout.

The core problem here is not obvious to to many people. The core problem is a lack of personal support among those who refuse to go along with or embrace the cancel America agenda. We can stand up together, very few people have the means or courage to stand alone and suffer alone for speaking the truth boldly.

You may sense that, which is why you are here.

This is no indictment of your character or worth if you feel you have been silenceld or suppressed. We need each other, we are not meant to go it alone.

Gathering together in person and online EXCLUSIVELY with fellow freedom builders is not creating an echo chamber. This is propaganda and the Party line, meant to further cow you into submission.

This hobgoblin of “the echo-chamber”is a made-up apparition that we can see is merely projection of their own intent. How do we see this projection of their intent? We see how easily any voices that deny the cancel America agenda are deplatformed!

They, the cancel America crowd, create true echo-chambers and when we seek to gather for mutual support and comfort, they decry our echo-chambers! This is insidious and we must basically confront it with the strongest language and cast it to hell where it belongs.

Don’t let their word-salad nonsense sway you from finding ways to gather online and in person exclusively with fellow freedom builders. This is necessary to strengthen your heart’s resolve to resist and confront the cancel America agenda and its foot soldiers wherever you find them.

By gathering exclusively with fellow freedom builders for mutual support and comfort, you can find the courage to defeat the cancel America agenda in your heart and then in your life, communities, and nation.

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