Bill Collier- Cancel culture ruins the platforms, wokism ruins the boardrooms, and critical race theory ruins the classroom. Is this the new communism, where the Party isn’t just using the state but every major institution to gain and keep monopoly power? Does the new communism co-opt rather than dismantle the corporation? Does the new communism enlist the old guards of crony capitalism to become the new politburo or central committee?

Ideologies evolve. To define communism using the classic old definition isn’t useful. The old idea of communism was for the state to control the economy, no private corporations, until full communism is achieved. The new communism has no manifesto per se, beyond the Democratic Party national platform.

A brief caveat. We believe not all, or most, rank and file Democratic voters are down with this new form of modern communism. Our use of the word “Democrats” here applies exclusively to the top Party brass and their corporate crony backers. As a second caveat, the Republicans aren’t exactly saints, some are even controlled opposition in cahoots with the Party, many are feckless cronies in their own right who soundbite all day about freedom and whatnot but who really only exist to enjoy the perks of office.

A few major themes of communism include “critical theory”, equal outcomes, deconstruction of history and heritage, destruction of the family in favor of the state, hatred for pure religion, and setting aside individual rights to acheive centralized control. Removing differentiation, atomizing individuals, and destroying all institutions the Party cannot control are the true hallmarks of communism.

Modern communism, led by the Democratic Party, is of the same vein. But here is the huge modern twist: the communism of today actually employs the corporation almost in the same manner as the old school communists employed the state. The old communists saw authoritarianism and socialism as the key to transitioning toward true communism and a withering away of the state. Modern communism seems to use new forms and methods of authoritarianism imposed as much by corporations as the state to eventually see the withering away of the corporation.

Communism always has many excuses and bogeyman claims to justify its limits on things like free speech, self-preservation, self-reliance, and religion. But while the excuses may run the gamit from the rights of workers to ending racism, the methods and end are always totalitarian.

The goals, which we know are empty, fantastical utopian promises that really only serve to con people into surrendering their individual rights, are the same: some form of equality of results for all regardless of the individual’s level and quality of participation and effort. The new Party Bosses and the new Politburo are just as likely to serve at the top of government and the Democratic Party as they are the cancel culture platforms and the woke corporations.

Make no mistake, the Democrats are modern-day communists and their communism, while still essentially totalitarian, looks a lot different than the communism of old. In fact, they would deny the label and probably accuse us of “red baiting” or of spreading “conspiracy theories.” But they are communists who have evolved their communism in the 21st century into something that is quite prepared to enlist and employ corporations that are privately owned to control or coerce people who refuse to countenance their totalitarianism.

Whether it is the state or a monopoly of a few corporations, if your means of self-expression, of economic exchange, and of self-reliance are blocked or controlled in such a way that you get canceled for engaging in dissent from the NEW form of “modern” communist orthodoxy, it’s still totalitarian in effect. If you cannot freely live and function without bowing the knee to someone else’s communist ideology, then you are not free and it doesn’t matter who your tormentors are.

If I say “Joe Biden is a communist”, you may conjure images of the Soviet Union and laugh at me. Clearly, Joe Biden is not calling for the end of corporations or “the market.” But the fact he owes his office to those whose rabid intolerance for all dissent is well known, should suffice to label him a communist. Arguing he is “playing them” or “placating” them but isn’t really on their team seems too generous and is naivete itself! Joe wants total monopoly power for the Democratic Party. Period.

The Democrats have evolved communism, they have chosen to enlist corporations rather than dismantle them. They have chosen to enlist the corporate bigwigs and fatcats as the new politburo and central committee. Like the top officials of the old Soviet Union, the top Democrats and their corporate cronies all carve out their own satrapies, all in service of the Party, and all eat and live well at our expense while lecturing us on equality and justice.

When we say today’s Democrats are modern-day communists, we clearly don’t mean they are exactly like the Soviet Union’s form of industrial age communism. Things have evolved in terms of methods and means, from only the state to a corporate and state partnership of totalitarian control. But the goal, absolute power by the Party at the expense of the rights of any dissenters, has not changed in general.

What the Democrats want is total control of our lives through a monopoly of power, which they are just as willing to exercise through the powers of the state or private corporations, and all in the name of equality and justice, as generally defined even by communists of old. That may be a new, evolved, modernized form of communism, but it is still communism.