Univision’s Ilia Caldaron questioned Vice President Harris on her lack of a border visit, leading to a hostile exchange. While the exchange was tense, and much hay is being made of a it by Republicans, the real problem isn’t a lack of a border visit.

The real problem also isn’t the root causes Harris cited: problems in Latin America like the way women are treated, crime, and, not shocking to anyone, climate change. Of course, in the worldview of today’s neocommunists (neocomms) who run the Democratic Party, it’s all America’s fault. VP Harris, also a neocomm, buys into this insane, and untrue narrative that, basically, America is bad and racist and must pay to fix the world as penance for our wicked ways.

This sort of blood libel hatred against her own country disqualifies Kamela Harris from holding office. Unfortunately, neither our major institutions nor a super majority of our citizenry will dare to hold the line when it comes to allowing elected officials who in their heart basically want to undo our country and destroy everything good about it. Even a representative republic is messy as it can allow such unethical and immoral liars into office if enough votes can be garnered for them.

Our commitment to freedom for all, for liberty as defined by the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights, of equal opportunity, and all the other great things about our country are deconstructed by our past and present flaws and struggles. The fact we fought a massive war, the most deadly in our history, to end slavery is ignored and, instead, neocommunists like VP Harris want to act like we still hold slaves, all under MAGA banners.

Seeing that bad things and bad people in this country still exist or that we still have problems and have yet to fulfill our promise and potential as a land of freedom with liberty and justice for all doesn’t make America as a country bad or racist. Likewise, not seeing that we still have progress to make toward freedom with liberty and justice for all is an inherently un-American and dishonest thing. Fulfillment of our promise should inspire every citizen in this country with love and acceptance for EVERY FELLOW CITIZEN in this land!

The problem with the border isn’t the lack of a VP visit. She doesn’t ever need to show up there and, morally and ethically, her hatred for this country disqualifies her from any conversation about our border. Her views are that America is bad and racist, America is to blame for the rank corruption and every ill in Latin America, our border should be open, and, of course, once they are confirmed fellow neocomms, all illegals should be given the vote so the Democrats can enjoy monopoly power. Her neocomm solution is monopoly power for Democrats at the expense of the Bill of Rights.

To be blunt: everyone who carries the neocomm water about America being bad and racist, as opposed to simply acknowledging that bad and racist things and people have existed and still exist in America, is an anti-American. Anti-Americans may have a right to their views and to express them, and even to win office through the election process, but a healthy society with healthy institutions would shun them for their lies and hatred. It is just not healthy, true, honest, or ethical to speak such ill of such a good country.

We do not cover up or refuse to confront racism, discrimination, and hatred by bad people in this country. We do not deny that the journey toward absolute equality between all Americans is not finished yet. More equitable enforcement and respect of the Bill of Rights, voluntary respect for the underlying moral code of those recognized Rights by even private corporations, and a hand-up to help those who remain left behind and disadvantaged are the solution!

We do not deny that progress must be made to lift up the disadvantaged. None of these things mean America as a whole is bad: our values of freedom with liberty and justice for all are the litmus test we use to confront the bigotry and prejudice that still exists.

The fact our values stand on equal freedom with liberty and justice for all regardless of anything but citizenship makes America a good and noble country without peer! The fact we still haven’t fulfilled those values or that we can never perfectly fulfill them doesn’t make us a bad or racist country. That blood libel is a form of deconstruction to pave the way to neocomm totalitarianism and one Party rule.

Kamela Harris should resign, as should every Democrat, from the government of a country she inwardly loaths and lies about in a way that foments societal instability. Her visiting the border would not in any way do anything more than further highlight her immoral, unethical hatred for this land and its people. At root, Democrats view this land and its people as a problem of “racism” and other “phobias” that can only be solved through a monopoly of power for their Party by totalitarian means. Make no mistake, Democrats are the new communists.

America is good even though bad, and racist, people have existed and still exist and even have held, and still sometimes do, hold power. Likewise, America is good even though many neocommunist totalitarians hold too much power in government, corporations, and our major institutions.

The problem with our border is that it is open and is being exploited by criminal cartels who conduct human trafficking. The reason it is open is Democrats want voters they can import and big corporations, the new politburo of the new communism, want cheap labor. The solution would be to secure the border, not to end the ability of people to immigrate here, and to end the neocommunist stranglehold over our government, major corporations, and major institutions.

When the people in the highest positions of governmental, corporate, and institutional power inwardly hate the very country they rule and evince a design of tyranny through monopoly power for the Democratic Party, it is a major problem for that country’s very survival.

Vice President Harris is a necomm hater who is not morally qualified to hold her office, even if she is “legally” qualified. She is a person who evinces a design of totalitarian, monopoly power for her Party at the expense of every right we hold dear and everything we love about our good and noble country!

It should go without saying that the Republicans are not saints or the alternative to this necomm assault on freedom and war against America as a free country. Republicans tend to give too much power within their Party collaborationists with the Democratic Party and seat warmers whose highest aim is to enjoy the perks of office, not to confront and defeat the rise of neocomm authoritarianism in this land.

Republicans tend to act as controlled opposition, to simply mark time while soundbiting opposition they do not intend to mount, or, worse, to dismiss the root problems of extant bias and prejudice or disadvantage that feed the neocomm narrative. The Republican plan to help the poor, the disadvantaged, and victims of bigotry is “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.” If anything feeds the neocomm lies, that America itself as a whole is bad and racist, this is it.

But if Republicans are bad for having no real solutions to real problems or for pretending opposition while simply marking time and enjoying the perks of office, Democrats are positively at war with liberty and with this country. Neocomm totalitarianism is the heart of that Party in its wanton lust for monopoly power.

We should stop demanding VP Harris or President Biden visit the border. That won’t solve anything. It will only make things worse. They will rant about how bad and racist America is and Americans are, especially those who aren’t diehard necommunist supporters of the Party.

The core beliefs and values of the present Biden-Harris Administration are neocomn, totalitarian hatred for the core values of absolutely equal freedom with libery and justice for all which are the noble heart of this country. They especially loath and want to silence every American who loves our flag and honors the whole Bill of Rights as the highest law of the land. Them visting the border to spew more blood libel against loyal Americans who love freedom would do more harm than good.