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Bill Collier- An American Freedomist

Senator DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund Banner

In a mailing sent to NewsMax email list subscribers, Senator Jim DeMint tells readers that the GOP party bosses are threatening to “punish” him for supporting conservative candidates over rino’s.

From the letter sent out September 17, 2010……

Following Christine O’Donnell’s historic win on Tuesday, the Washington establishment launched an all out assault against me for supporting this principled candidate. They say she can’t win and that by supporting her, I’ve helped lose the seat for Republicans. ….

This is what one anonymous Republican aide told the press yesterday:

“If on Nov. 3 there are two or three seats in Democratic control that otherwise would have been Republican victories, then that anger will come back up to the surface and there will be consequences,” said one aide, declining to cite specific punishments DeMint might face.


Senator DeMint’s fund, which supports conservative Senate candidates, has raised $3.5 million and is working to raise $5 million to support Conservatives in key states including Pennsylvania, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Florida and, now Delaware.