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ESG Compliance to Determine Your Pension and Bonus Payouts

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance.  On its face, ESG is a new standard of investment return that seeks more than profit, it seeks evidence the company making the profit is doing so in a “responsible” way, one that takes into consideration the environment, social morality and ethics, and just governance, with its clients and with its workers.

There’s a lot of vagueness about the whole thing and that appears to be more of a feature than a bug.  The idea that companies should be moral, ethical, responsible in how they create their product, bring it to market, and serve the customers that purchase its product seems to be a tautology, not a revolutionary thought.

ESG is not happening in a vacuum.  It’s happening in a contextuality of diverse expressions of the notion of the social and governance, never mind the many diverse views regarding the nature of “climate change” and the potential solutions to climate change that might diminish our quality of life.

In America, we have bridging standards that allow diverse moralities and ethics to coexist with one another.  These bridging standards are articulated in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution’s Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments of our governing document.

In America, so long as you recognize the inherent right of individuals to be wrong and to express their wrongness you can coexist with wrongness, which is what our American values truly provide for our diverse peoples that call themselves Americans.

ESG is not an American value.  It’s not objectively, scientifically provable, and its assumption of the social are more in keeping with Mao and Stalin, two bloodthirsty murderers that based their morality and ethics on the perverse leftist notion that the human mind does not exist, only the social does.  There is no America in ESG.  As a matter of fact, America is simply a white supremacist thug that needs put down according the values of ESG.

For the current leftist paradigm of “social,” that is a social that celebrates murdering unborn children and refers to men and women as the pejorative “cis-gendered.”  It refers to the 90 plus percent of humans that are heterosexual as being “hetero-normative,” and that’s a criminal offense to ESG.

It is an ideology that believes we can make man in any image we want, and the image they want is one that murders its children and stops having them altogether.  So long as the woke expert few can micromanage all of society, we can make straight people gay and black people that don’t conform can now be called white.

This is hardly a bridging standard that allows for diverse views.  As a matter of fact, it is not one that even allows it, hence its creation in the first place.  ESG is the use by leftist-controlled mutual funds of millions of others’ investment in the stock market to force corporations to become Maoists and Stalinists or else, even if the vast majority of investors in these mutual funds reject them.

It is not value-neutral or objective, it is loaded with leftist presuppositions that make of man a consumer and worshipper of self, and the self is one selfness reflected in a social construct controlled by the very few elites willing to commodify the human spirit and convert it into a materialistic genocidal maniac.  Thus they can claim to be for the individual by claiming there is only one individual, the social that is made in their perverse baby-murdering image.

Now, ESG is invading the pension plans of these same business leaders.  This means that ESG effectively creates a system to coerce the top leaders of our corporations to ape the ungodly standards of leftism (that kills the mind and makes the elite few the priest-kings of the materialist Gnosticism leftism ultimately comes from and can be reduced to).

The continued proliferation of ESG into our investment markets is a sure sign that leftism is anti-American and anti-human and should no longer be tolerated in any free society.  They have gone from merely being wrong to becoming genocidal maniacs, hellbent on expunging the individual human mind from existence entirely, save for the very few most powerful bloodthirsty boundary invaders that can rise to the top of a pyramid built on the murder of the innocents.

It is only a matter of time before American courts will be held to account through the rulings they will render as more and more Americans recognize the Marx-adjacent anti-American ideology this perverse standard attempts, through coercion, to make the new normal, in open defiance, in open opposition to the American republic herself.  It is, in plain terms, pure revolutionary sedition.  So long as ESG is given legal legitimization by our courts, our courts are complicit with the seditionists.

If our nation survives these Hyksos, these pretender Kings, there will surely be a reckoning for every American company that chose to turn on the republic and attempt to bring it down by any means necessary.  Now is the time to ween yourselves off these ESG serving corporations even as we plot to take them back from the anti-Americans, the left, the Democrat Party itself.

Democrats today call anyone who opposes them seditionists, traitors, insurrectionists.  They’re right in doing so, but not for the reason they suppose.  They are right in this sense; the American left controls the American state and has turned it into a perverse soviet where babies are not valued at all, but transgendered poly-sexualists are.

Anyone seeking to see America be America, a Constitutional Republic that OFFICIALLY recognizes the sacredness and sovereignty of individual minds (as opposed to that one perverted social mind the left hopes to make your reality) is being a traitor to the state that is, the Amerikkka of the Democrat Party, which is no America at all.

Like fascists, the DNC seeks to use markets to oppress the people, and ESG is the centerpiece of their seditious hearts.

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