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NewsWatch Report – Tuesday, September 20th, 2022


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Taliban member freed from Guantanamo, claims he was exchanged for

Pelosi’s visit fires debate in Armenia over alliance with Russia

Court Should Reject DOJ’s Request To Freeze Special

University finalizes $490M settlement with athletic doctor’s sexual abuse



Polls show bad news for dems in midterms, Oregon Gov

Senate Republicans seek special counsel

Biden Administration Staffers Will Reportedly Benefit From His Student Loan Bailout

Fetterman Voted To Free Murderer Who Hacked Innocent Man to Death With Garden Shears

Lawmakers join calls for investigation after migrants flown to

CBS Claims Congress Found ‘No Wrongdoing’ by Joe Biden in Hunter Biden

Democrats are pushing to avoid a Medicaid cliff for new

Support for secular left policies increasing among young, unmarried feminists



Blacks Agree On MSNBC: ‘White People Turn Violent When They Don’t Get Their Way’

Texas A&M Promotes ‘Self-Managed Abortion’ Event to

California resorts to ‘abortion tourism’

Cal State Fullerton to Spend Tens of Millions on Social Justice

The Woke Agenda Plaguing The EU Undermines Its

Martha’s Vineyard Tried To Prove It Cares About Migrants And Failed



There is evidence that Azerbaijan is preparing new

UK lays Queen Elizabeth II to rest after state funeral

Russia Moves ‘Old’ St. Petersburg Missiles to Ukraine Front

Russia Tries to Entice Students to Join War and Make Up Army Shortfall

Pakistan court orders police to drop terror charges against Imran Khan over threatening remarks against judge

Iran, Uzbekistan agree on developing technological

Any document considering Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan is unacceptable – President of Artsakh

Azerbaijan rejects Armenia’s unfounded accusations before UN Security Council



The Fourth Taiwan Strait

Confucius Institute: Youth of Kazakhstan choose to study

Biden Says U.S. Forces Would Defend Taiwan in the Event of a Chinese



Your Credit Card Company Can Now Start Tracking Your Gun

Why ESG Is fatally flawed – Chris

Christian School Pastor Will Refer to Students by ‘Biological Sex,’ Stares Down Death Threats, Media Lambaste

State appeals federal judge’s ruling on race-related issues in workplace



Portugal says could face shortage if Nigeria does not deliver all LNG

Republicans demand explanation for FDA’s delayed reaction to baby formula

Big U.S. bank CEOs to be grilled by Congress on consumer, social

Kroger employees’ union in Central Ohio votes to authorize strike

Activists Demand Action Against Oil Giants Accused of Misleading the

Europe’s Energy Crisis Forces Factories to Go Dark



Pentagon To Investigate US Military’s Alleged Secret Internet Influence

Slovenia and Germany agree on military vehicle exchange with

US aircraft carrier to visit S. Korea amid N. Korean



Children’s Hospital Promotes ‘Puberty Blockers’ and ‘Cross-Sex Hormones’

Intel Is Killing Its Pentium and Celeron

First Monkeypox Case Recorded in Boston Public Schools



Using Son’s Death To Push Abortion, Chrissy Teigen Is The Worst

17-Year-Old Uses Shotgun to Protect Family from 4 Home Invaders; Fatally Shooting 2

The Issue With the Revolt Against Twitch’s Involvement in Online Gamblingredstate.c

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