If conservatives crave freedom and order with a nod to traditional moral norms, liberals crave justice and equality with a nod to future progress and societal evolution. But whenever either side wins an election victory and their party gains power, the promises that motivated their vote fail to materialize.

Beyond lip service and using those promises as a blanket to cover other things, the politicos dance to the tune played by the uber rich ruling class. We can see now how the Democrats in claiming to be champions of things like justice, equality, and societal progress are mostly just delivering more government control and more crony kickbacks to their corporate masters. When in 2016 the shoe was on the other foot, Republicans delivered more government control and crony kickbacks to their corporate masters while soundbiting all about freedom and order and preserving our traditiona and values.

What we call “upadarianism” is no synthesis of conservative and liberal ideologies as such, but it does seek to address and advance many of the aspirational desires and valid concerns associated with these two main camps. On one hand conservatives may deny the lack of justice and equality some demographics suffer in this country. On the other hand liberals tend to be all too willing to sacrifice freedom for all in order to rectify the injustice suffered by some. Conservatives sometimes recoil at the ideas of progress and societal evolution and see change itself as bad while liberals seem to regard everything from the past as inherently suspect and even execrable in a really irrational manner.

The upadarian ideology, if we have to even use the word “ideology”, is really an ideational framework of ideals, principles, and practices which lead to good governance and a positive and forward-looking lifestyle. It is not rooted in or confined by the ideological straitjackets of left or right. The goal is to apply both God’s standards of righteousness in the form of freewill participation between people who consent thereto and God’s standards of justice to ensure a pluralistic, free, equitable, and prosperous society that nurtures every person without favor or prejudice.

If we desire anything for civilization it is to ensure a free and pluralistic society of equals who enjoy freedom and who may all prosper in peace and happiness through their own individual choices in terms of their own actions and the forms of freewill participation they desire to engage in.

What marks upadarianism as unique in many regards is that most of its “program” is entirely voluntary and can be carried out through freewill participatory associations of some kind and yet government, which includes the magisterial authority, is not necessarily seen as a “necessary evil” but a potential positive good. We challenge and deny the notion the 17th century concept of nation-state defines what the magisterial authority could be, but we see the magisterial authority as essentially good and beneficial when it is governed by the right ideals.

Upadarianism is based on a Judeo-Christian understanding and balanced, holistic application of the four core ideals of what we consider the next advancement in the form of a new civilization. These ideals include Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law. They form the initials UPDR, hence “UPaDaRianism.”

Without getting too deep in their meaning, these ideals resonate with the inner harmony of a civilizational framework that nurtures and values every person and encourages the development and exercise of their spiritual sovereignty as individuals so that each can find and follow God’s best for their lives without artificial limits.

Unlike “ideologies”, upadarianism, sometimes spelled UPDRism, has its starting point and primary focus on individuals and freewill participatory associations of free people pursuing and actualizing its ideals, principles, and practices unilaterally and voluntarily. Upadarianism isn’t about shaping the broader society to suit our beliefs, values, and convictions. It is about shaping a legal and civil ecosystem that simply allows people who desire to use this lifestyle and governance self-disciplinary philosophy and way of life to its maximum effect without undue external interference or artificial limits.

The inner harmony between left and right appears as we get to the root of the rank and file person’s true motivations and realize both want things that are actually positive overall for society. Where these desires become a trap and an excuse to enhance the ruling class at everyone else’s expense is when they become slogans without meaning and justification for vilification and for making government more powerful at the expense of both freedom and justice.

The common thread of corruption of the more pure and noble ideas of left and right is that they depend on electoral victories and a return to power of the other party, the one not in power but who will allegedly save them from the party on power. Even for those who tactically vote against a party to forestall the agenda of the party in power, there is a sense emerging among a very few that this isn’t really forestalling the limitations on freedom nor advancing justice and equity.

Few liberals or conservatives are willing to find common ground on the basis of freedom with mutual respect for human dignity, human rights, and human flourishing as something all sides can uphold. The divide between them is perpetuated and advanced substantially through partisanship to an absurd degree wherein whatever gives electoral advantages to their party is good and anything that might hurt their chances is bad. The good of the party becomes synonymous in a subtle but insidious way with their alleged ideals and aspirations.

While we tend to think Republicans generally support less overt ways to deny or limit freedom, and we beleive freedom is essential to everything else, we also tend to think Democrats at least give some lip service to issues of injustice and inequity and are more open to societal advances that should not necessarily be limited by tradition when those traditions are no relevant or useful.

The problem regarding Democrats today is that they have become the party of imposition and intolerance toward others. Having captured most institutions in this land, they flex their power and, like bad Calvanists, assume the universe favors them simply because they have the power and wealth their opponents lack. Far beyond simply wanting justice and equity, Democrats are moving into some sort of authoritarian-imposed “new humanity” that tears up all tradition and burns down old institutions such as faith and family out of a preternatural aversion to everything from the past.

Many liberals who simply want justice and equality for all persons have been seduced into believing that the path toward authoritarianism and imposing new norms that burn down all the ancient institutions and values is the only path to progress. Arrogance, hubris, hatred, and increasing violence are the new norms on the left, their ideas about justice and equity having become a disingenuous pretext for raw ambitions aimed at monopoly power forever.

We can and do cite the violent and irrational anger on the right, so notoriously on display when the Capitol was stormed by a mob seeking literary to overthrow the government, but this has yet to become a systematic as the violence from the left. Moreover, while most on the right tend to condemn violence and while every institution seeks to shun and shame rightwing violence, this isn’t true for the left. The violence of the left is nurtured by top Democrats and every institution in this land supports it, or at least justifies it, openly.

All this leads people who desire freedom, who may not fit the mold of a conservative, thinking any vote against a Democrat is a good thing because, today, Democrats have become totalitarian, anti-freedom, and violent in their approach to re-creating society as an alt-gendered, atomized, and undifferentiated mass of cogs in their Party machine.

Republicans have betrayed their claims to be for freedom and they continue to treat the poor and disadvantaged as if societal and structural bias is not at all to blame.

Anyone who both loves freedom and desires justice will find Democrats violently opposed to freedom in its real activation but giving lip service to justice and Republicans betraying freedom and most vehemently, if not yet violently in the main, opposed to justice and equity as they blame the victims for their plight.

We do not ask government to implement our program of peaceful and non-violent, unilateral “revolution within”, by which we desire to build among ourselves a sociocultural and socioeconomic alternative structure that allows us to live free and experience equitable justice without favor or prejudice.

We are not relying on “government” and party victories to implement our program, it is something average people must be able to freely pursue and to inhibit this pursuit is itself a tort against society itself, a crime against humanity.

We are not finding things people want or that are trending and then using this to capture and audience. Honestly, that has its place in marketing and persuasion. But it has no place in this effort. We are focusing on a sacred blueprint for human civilization which one may follow through freewill participation and which cannot be imposed by humans over other humans.

Our agenda is NOT to reshape this society according to our best understanding of God’s sacred blueprints but, rather, to be free to explore and actualize those blueprints unilaterally and on a purely freewill basis.

For instance, rather than imposing our will or trying to get other national peoples to be like us, we are working to unilaterally build the genesis structures of a new civilization and its vanguard people, the Upadarian spiritual nation, without seeking to change anything or anyone that doesn’t desire to participate in our freedom-building, nation-building, and civilization-building efforts. Quite simply, to SHOW the world what a nation whose God is the Lord looks like and how its participants act toward one another and the world at large, we are unilaterally creating that new nation on a spiritual as opposed to a political basis.

Likewise, our agenda and program doesn’t follow trends or fads or even things people feel they need or want. Our focus is on discovering and then actualizing a sacred and eternal blueprint which we have a right to implement among ourselves and which no human being or earthly authority has any jurisdiction over.

If we love one another and do not lie, steal, murder, or commit adultery, for instance, there is not law against us in God’s eyes. And if it be not unlawful before God it cannot justly be proscribed by human beings without our informed consent and through freewill participation alone.

For too many on the right and left this isn’t good enough. Not only must they be able to live out and express their beliefs, values, and convictions but the rest of society must bow to these things and participate wholeheartedly to affirm their fragile egos and uplift their choices as if those choices are the only right or just choices one can make. Everything is so “connected”, or “intersectional”, as they say, that your own choices and your own free associations with others must also conform to the “orthodoxy” of the hour or somehow it hurts everyone else who doesn’t like your choices.

(There IS a certain intersectionality often overlooked, a sort of multidimensional and multifaceted matrix of causality and effect that does make many aspects of life at every level interdependent of everything else. But these meshed and highly centralized ecosystems are not necessarily natural and much of the interdependence is forced and contrived. The inherent shared right of private bodies of peopme to unilaterally create autonomous sociocultural and socioeconomic ecosystems that are connected to a broader pluralistic framework should never be questioned by any advanced civilization and yet this is precisely what many who abuse the term “intersectional” are guilty of.)

The answer is unilateral actions by free people as individuals and as freewill participatory associations of people who work toward a common goal. The tendency to wait for the next election in the cause of either freedom or justice only gives more power to politicians who harness those good intentions for their own self-aggrandizement, all while limiting freedom and perpetrating more injustice. Political or civic activism is not off the table, but it cannot remain or become the primary thing, it must be directed mostly at protecting our rights to unilaterally pursue our freedom and justice program through freewill participation and by winning support in a purely consensual manner.

If your vision for society requires more than protecting your rights to pursue this vision through freewill participation alone then your core ideology is actually totalitarian in its spirit. If others must be made to conform and participate in your norms, in their private life and associations, then your ideas are perfectly and utterly useless to humanity.

The war to win freedom so we can pursue things like justice and equity to unilaterally build our own civilizational ecosystem among ourselves that is positive and beneficial to all and that doesn’t require any forced participation, will take many forms and require a multiplicity of tactics in many arenas at many levels. There is no magic elixir to cure us of the ills of an authoritarianism that is infecting every institution in this land.