Why Did Democrat Governors Send Covid-19 Patients Into Nursing Homes, Killing Tens of Thousands of People?

Bill Collier- Hot take: did Cuomo and other Democrat governors send Covid-19 patients into nursing homes in order to boost the death rate and blame the then Administration? Would people elected to such an office stoop this low? Are they truly that sociopathic? Was this really all about winning the election?

Federal resources, like an entire hospital ship and portable pop-up hospitals, were deployed but Democrat Governors refused to use these resources, while blaming Trump, and instead sent sick people into nursing homes KILLING possibly hundreds of thousands of people.

Was this the aim all along? I don’t have an answer. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs. So I can’t say this is true.

The deaths resulting were in fact used to both justify lockdowns and to denigrate the the President. The deaths and hysteria were also used to excuse election rules and laws changes that exclusively benefited one Party and create an opaque vote counting process that has undermined confidence and resulted in conspiracy theories. Mail-in voting has too many holes and leaves too many opportunities for fraud, which seems to suit Democrats just fine.

Was this the end goal or just a case of partisans taking advantage of a crisis substantially of their own making to game the system and give themselves an edge?

I can say it was tragic for the victims and, regardless of the real motivation, it amounts to manslaughter through gross neglect on a mass scale. Whatever legal term applies here, Cuomo and other governors, like Pennsylvania’s Wolf, seem to be guilty and richly deserve to be tried for their crimes.

The casualties include the dead who didn’t need to die, the election system itself, our economy, and our civil liberties. It’s a serious matter which I do not anticipate will be fairly addressed in this morally depraved and corrupt society.