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Big Tech Corpostates Use Smart Tech to Track Their Opposition- Brief

Big Tech, Social Media, and the whole of the Corpostate Nationalist Enterprise is using smart technology to keep tabs on anyone that might offer dissenting views to the orthodoxy these corpostates are pushing, namely, the SJW, Critical Race Theory moral supremacist ideology that teaches humans that white people invented evil, well, white people and men and heterosexuals.

Lara Logan: The ‘tyrannical elite’ are using smart technology to surveil the ‘monitored class’ – Real Clear Politics

From www.foxnews.com Excerpt: Fox Nation host Lara Logan told “Fox News Primetime” Wednesday Big Tech surveillance is “much worse” than anybody realizes and warned host Pete Hegseth that America is devolving into a “monitored class.” LOGAN: It [Big Tech surveillance] is worse. I can honestly tell you that with everything in me it is much, much worse than anybody realizes. Most people have no idea how valuable our information is. They think well, I’ve got nothing to hide. You hear kids say it all the time, “I’m not doing anything wrong. What do I care about my privacy?” They have really given up control over their lives, and we make decisions based on what technology and people are doing now. That data and information is stored forever. It never goes away. We have no idea how it’s going to be used against us in the future.