Hong Kong China DNC Fake News Silence Dissent

Hong Kong Uses Fake News Label to Silence Dissent – Brief

If you still don’t understand why the DNC and the CCP are natural allies, even as they are also competitors, you just need to take a look at this item  from the New York Times, hardly a bastion of conservatism, which reveals that the new Hong Kong under CCP power is using the very same tactics as  the DNC to crush dissent.

Claiming that their opposition is using fake news and spreading misinformation, CCP officials disguised as Hong Kong officials are shutting down anyone who dares oppose their fascistic-styled rule.  It’s almost as if the CCP is learning their tactics from the Corpostate Nationalists who use the same claims to cut people off from the markets and the public squares that these same corpostate nationalists control, or is it the other way around?

Hong Kong Pushes ‘Fake News’ Label as Media Face ‘Worst of Times’ – Singapore Daily News

From www.nytimes.com Excerpt:  The glossy pamphlet from the police, delivered to newsrooms in Hong Kong, declared: “Know the Facts: Rumors and Lies Can Never Be Right.” With it was a letter addressed to editors, decrying the “wicked and slanderous attacks” against the police.

The 12-page magazine, distributed Wednesday to news outlets including The New York Times, described the police’s efforts to push back against misinformation. In one instance, the department countered rumors that officers had attended a banquet with gang members, saying the police had held their own private dinner. In another, it accused a local TV station of smearing the police in a parody show.

“Fake news is highly destructive,” read one graphic carrying the hashtag #youarewhatyousend.

Officials in Hong Kong are increasingly seizing on the label of “fake news,” a common authoritarian refrain. The city’s leader, Carrie Lam, said on Wednesday that the government was looking at laws to tackle “misinformation, hatred and lies.” The city’s police chief has said a fake-news law would help fight threats to national security.