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The Forgotten Army and Murphy’s Law

    The Forgotten Army     In the wake of more violence by perpetrators who happen to use firearms this week, we are once again witness to strident calls to restrict the access to firearms by certain segments of the population, despite there being ever-less appetite for such actions, because most Americans now...
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The Federal Reserve Pretends To Do An Ethics Review On Itself

If the stark architecture of the Federal Reserve building looks a bit like Albert Speer designed it in "neoclassical-fascist", akin to the Soviets, the Nazis, and other dictatorship such as Italy under Mussolini and Spain under Franco, perhaps it was a subconscious admission as to the true intentions behind the creation of this financial and
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Is This The New Communism?

Bill Collier- Cancel culture ruins the platforms, wokism ruins the boardrooms, and critical race theory ruins the classroom.…