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Deglobalisation Is Inevitable

De-globalisation is inevitable, but the global corpostate ruling class do NOT want this and will fight tooth and nail to prevent it. The heyday of being able to buy anything from almost anywhere and being able to travel relatively inexpensively will be over soon, enjoy it while you can.

Local financial self-reliance and energy and food independence will become as essential as local governance that provides fair rules, free exchange, peace, and security. While these things may seem theoretical today, over the next 5 years we will see an increasing demand for local communities that can care for their own own and financially sustain themselves.

As you may see from the video below, the trend toward deglobalisation is happening now and higher ranking economic and political authorities are beginning to take serious notice. Outsourcing the economy and specialization are out, self-sustaining self-reliance are moving in as key economic concerns for policy makers.

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