It seems Joe Biden is losing critical support among independents according to a new Associated Press-NORC poll that shows President Biden’s approval rating among independents is at an all-time low of 38 percent, with 62 percent disapproving.

New poll shows Joe Biden isĀ hemorrhaging support among critical voter demographics

From www.theblaze.com
2021-10-03 20:45:00
Chris Enloe

The Associated Press-NORC poll shows that Biden’s approval rating sits at 50% while his disapproval rating stands at 49%. In this particular poll, Biden’s approval has tanked nearly 10 points since July when the same survey found Biden’s approval rating to be 59%.

But the real story is how poorly Biden is viewed by independent voters, the demographic critical to winning the White House.

Since July, Biden has hemorrhaged more than 20 points among independent voters; only 38% of independents now approve of Biden, according to the poll, whereas 62% approved of him just two months ago. Biden even lost seven points among Democrats, down to 85% approval from 92% in July.

Among black Americans, Biden’s support has cratered from 86% to 64% in just two months. The AP tried to soften…


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