The Silicon Valley giant, Facebook, faces a class-action lawsuit in Israel for allegedly violating its anti-discrimination job advertising laws.  Facebook’s allowance of advertisers to target certain demographics for job advertising is a violation of Israel’s anti-discrimination advertising laws.

Israeli class-action suit against Facebook targets job ads

From www.jpost.com
2021-10-03 16:00:00



A class-action lawsuit filed in Israel against Facebook charges that ads on the social media giant violate the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, which prohibits the posting of discriminatory job ads.

Israeli employment law, like that in most Western countries, states that a job advertisement cannot discriminate by age, gender, race, political beliefs or other variables. The law allows for anyone affected by such discrimination to be compensated for NIS 50,000, without proof of damage.

“Years ago that meant that a company couldn’t write explicitly in a job ad that it was only looking for, say, white males aged 25-40,” explained attorney Dr. Matan Gutman, who filed the case at the Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court. “But Facebook’s ad system allows companies to discriminate in a more elegant way – by offering the options to target only certain types of people. That would be equivalent to a newspaper offering its clients the option to target only certain readers, which would clearly be prohibited. But Facebook publishes thousands of such job ads in Israel every year.”

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