The era of Conglomo continues full pace, where Empires of international mega corps get in the business of everything.  Amazon, which flies now, that is, to space, is now also looking to expand its hold on the NFL by becoming the lead minority state in the NFL’s media properties, which coincides with a bid to get more games on Amazon Prime.

What that last ten years has taught us, if anything, it’s that putting the means of cultural and social production in the hands of the few, especially a particualr few that don’t fundamentally share our American values, is a fantastic idea, so we’re sure this whole Corporate Everything  way of creating social and cultural value is going to work out just fine, like it has so far.

Amazon Takes Lead In Talks for NFL Media Stake

From frontofficesports.com
2021-11-23 00:41:25


Amazon has emerged as the frontrunner to buy a minority stake in the NFL’s media properties, sources tell Front Office Sports.

The tech giant is in talks with the country’s richest sports league about acquiring up to a 49% stake in NFL Network, RedZone and NFL.com, said sources.

But the Amazon deal isn’t done and there are multiple media, private equity and tech bidders seeking a piece of the NFL media empire, said sources. A last-minute snag could push a final agreement back by several months, warned another source.

The $10 billion league hired Goldman Sachs Group in June to sort out potential partners.

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