A team of Chinese scientists have developed a new type of 3D-printed ear drum that can either help heal an eardrum or replace it.  They developed a Piezoelectric material, self-powered material, that allows the ear drum to function in the first place, as once it is implanted, you can’t readily remove it to replace the batteries.

As this is being developed by the CCP, no doubt whatever technological developments are happening here, sustaining reliance type folks should be working on open-sourced versions of this, and, more than likely, they already are.

Self-Powering Hearing Aids And 3D Printed Eardrums Help People Hear Again

From www.intelligentliving.co
2021-11-23 04:25:13


Focusing on fixing a damaged cochlea, Yunming Wang and colleagues at China’s Huazhong University of Science and Technology developed a prototype implantable device that translates soundwaves into matching electrical signals when placed inside a model ear. Meanwhile, Harvard scientists focused on repairing a damaged eardrum and developed the PhonoGraft device, a 3D-printed, biocompatible graft implant to facilitate the healing process of eardrum perforations.

……….the scientists fabricated a material that used compression and friction, which are piezoelectric and triboelectric qualities. Piezoelectric materials are self-powered, becoming charged when compressed by the pressure that accompanies sound waves. Triboelectric materials produce friction and static electricity when moved by these sound waves. They used the new piezo-triboelectric spongey material to make a prototype acoustic sensing device that delivers high efficiency and sensitivity across a wide range of audio frequencies.

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