In what may be the “tip of the iceberg” of reports, the Wall Street Journal reports 131 Federal Judges heard and ruled on cases in which they potentially had something to gain or lose financially because of their ruling.

BELOW- Screenshot of WSJ’s headline reporting, the effort to downplay the significance is obvious.

WSJ Report Here

“The judges failed to recuse themselves from 685 lawsuits from 2010 to 2018 involving firms in which they or their family held shares, a Wall Street Journal investigation found.”

Around a third of the cases heard by a corrupted judge were not ruled in their favor of the companies they owned stocks in, but 2/3rd were and as this information comes to light, cases are being set aside. This sets the whole process back and is frustrating for all sides. Meanwhile, the contacted judges are crying mea culpa and claiming innocent error.

Such reports tend to assuage people’s fears that corruption is not being reported by offering what may be a molehill for a mountain, giving a few bad examples to be duly shunned (but not too harshly) so as to make things seem legitimate. In truth, aside from this cursory investigation, which yielded some troubling fruit, the amount of corruption actually prevailing may be titanic, but will never be reported in its scope.

The reporting relied on self-reporting by over 700 judges and could not possibly have uncovered the many ways a judge could conceal such a conflict of interest. But of the 700 judges who self-reported owning stocks, 131 had serious conflicts of interest based on their own self-reporting. This is the smoke, but it’s not the fire and the corpostate press are all too happy to make is focus on the smoke while pretending there is no fire.

The Wall Street Journal claims that in no case where criminal law was at question did they find a conflict of interest. The depth and breadth of their investigation may be tarnished by their own conflict of interest in connection to the very entities, monopoly corporate powers, who corrupted those judges in the first place.

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