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Who We Are And Why You Should Back Us


The Freedomist, often called Freedomist-MIA because we have a joint partnership with the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, a 46 year old private intelligence reporting service, is led by President and Publisher Bill Collier, a political advisor and digital marketing/pr professional who is also a renown researcher.

Collier co-authored The Capitalist Manifesto with Ralph Benko, a book endorsed by Steve Forbes, and has played a key role in the Tea Party movement as a national promoter as well as many political races that ended in upsets against the left.

Our whole team cannot be “named”, we prefer to keep their identities somewhat private, though some names include Paul Collier, our Editor in Chief who has decades experience in digital promotions and activism and Michael Cessna, our military technology and news Editor.

We also have Ralph Benko as our official DC Ambassador who worked in the Reagan White House and who has won many prestigious awards for his online acumen in building powerful political alliances and movements.

Writers include people actively engaged in global cybersecurity issues and on-the-ground correspondents in world hotspots. As noted, it is best not to name them as this might be a problem.

The whole Freedomist Team are dedicated to the central proposition that liberty as defined according to the most freedom-minded understanding of the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights is something every single human being deserves.

Publisher Bill Collier loves history, he depicts good guys and bad guys from WW2 especially, lest we forget the horrors of authoritarianism, intolerance, and hate and allow the creeping neocommunist, corporate fascist syncretism of the modern corpostate establishment to blossom into an an entire international order where freedomists are oppressed and persecuted.

Whether it was Hitler and his minions or Stalin, WW2 and the Cold War that followed was a struggle of the free versis the freedom takers. Today’s threat has different names and nomenclature and even different “favored” versus “hated” groups, but the battle remains the free versus the freedom takers.

We would be honored to enlist YOU in our team as a Backer for $22/month: there are many benefits, but the real truth is, through your support we can grow our staff, reach, and infrastructure until Freedomist Clubs serving hundreds of activists each are established in most US Counties.

We are going to engage in “information warfare” against the fake press establishment.

We are going to organize a massive army of millions of digital activists to fight back against the cancel culture and give them a taste of their own medicine.

We are going to facilitate the autonomous creation of local Freedomist Clubs which engage in civic activism, maximizing mutual support, and preparedness.

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