For the sake of argument, let’s stipulate that the vaccine against this pandemic is perfectly fine. We may ignore the fact Israel is now issuing a third vaccine as the old one isn’t stopping the new varient. We can also ignore the whole fear of new varients that may render the first vaccine, which many reported gave miserable symptoms after injection of the second dose, useless. Also ignore the lack of longevity research possible for any new vaccine.

The authoritarian and arrogant way the Biden administration is handling this, almost as if it is a wedge issue designed to make Republicans look bad, has backfired. Far from being browbeat into submission, Americans are responding with suspicion and resistance.

The basic idea is, “if this is so good, why do you have to try to shame and bully me to do it?” What is more, while the vaccine is practically being forced on everyone, the accountability for negative side effects or long-term problems is gone. Nobody, from manufacturers to the government, accepts any responsibility if taking this proves, in the long-term, causes harm. And nobody can guarantee there won’t be any long-term negative effects.

The issue isn’t that the vaccine is available, the issue is threefold: people don’t like being bullied, people aren’t sure if this is useful against new varients or of its long-term effects, and nobody is on the hook if it doesn’t work or has ill effects.

The issues with the vaccine tend to be common with any new vaccine. And the need for vaccines means that new vaccines must be rolled out sooner rather than later. But it also means that every new vaccine has unresolved questions as to its efficacy or possible ill effects. The difference is in the fact nobody is willing to take responsibility if this doesn’t work or causes harm and yet you are being bullied and shamed and your concerns are being ridiculed in a partisan and over-the-top manner.

By showing such disrespect and condescension and using rabid partisan attack language against people who have concerns, while shifting 100% of the risk on the person being bullied into getting the shot, you make it harder, rather than easier, to say yes.

This seems to be the only default now for Democrats: bully, shame, and defame while belittling and ignoring legitimate debate and questions and suppressing discourse and scientific exploration outside their agenda of preconceptions. If the vaccine is going to help, which also requires accountability for manufacturers and government if they get this wrong, then the present hubris shown by proponents needs to end now.

Take away all the rabid language and bullying and add accountability if this doesn’t work, and our rate of vaccination would be much higher.

The old line “the beatings will stop when morale improves” is funny, but not when it’s the entire establishment beating down on anyone who has a concern, anyone who has questions, anyone who wants someone to take responsibility for this if it fails, and exploration of ongoing science as to alternatives.