By Bill Collier- Flooding in Europe is the new excuse for climate change authoritarianism. As people hope to rebuild their lives, the EU and other governments in Europe are focused less on people’s needs and more on new ways to impoverish them and reduce their freedom.

Citing the “obvious” connection between massive rainfall and hotter climate, once again climate change authoritarianism is asserting itself before the dead and wounded can even be sorted out in a major disaster. The speed with which any event, be it rain or draught, hot or cold temperatures, is blamed on climate change, coupled with more calls for yet more authoritarian responses, far outpaces the speed of recovery from such events.

Journalists, ideologically drawn to authoritarianism as most are thanks to their poor educations in schools of journalism, unquestionably repeat every claim without seriously questioning why the climate change theory, unlike other scientific theories, presents anything that would disprove itself. In short, everything that happens unpleasant is counted to the same cause without question.

Meanwhile, over 1300 people are missing and over 125 dead in a torrential outburst that dumped some two months worth of rain in 24 hours over mostly northwest Germany and parts of Holland and Belgium. Flooding in other areas, ranging from Switzerland to areas in northern and eastern Germany was also reported. The floods in western Germany were particularly dangerous because they came suddenly with walls of water pouring through towns and villages, in some cases collapses houses or simply tearing through them.

German Minister of the Environment Svenja Schulze announced, “These are the harbingers of climate change that have now arrived in Germany.” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called the flooding “a clear indication of climate change” and “something that really, really shows the urgency to act.”

The EU is busy promoting rather draconian and authoritarian measures to allegedly mitigate climate change, such as literally banning all but electric cars within 20 years, a shocking move that would lead to economic devastation but also render the population less mobile and more controllable.

Serious proposals focused on house portable and house affordable energy, loosening zoning and codes rules to allow for more sustainable building technologies and for home-based hydroponics, gardens, and graywater recycling, for instance, are off the table. The entire focus is on more authoritarian and draconian measures that create a One Big System (OBS) approach wherein 100% of the cost and loss of freedom falls on working people without impacting the ruling class.

The propensity of “climate scientists” to regularly and shamelessly don the mien of totalitarian ideologues is most certainly one of the chief reasons many view their preachments with suspicion. For the German government to, at this very hour, leap to conclusions simply because it serves their increasingly authoritarian agenda, is a gross disservice to victims of this flooding.

The issue is less about whether we need to reduce polluting emissions that can harm the environment and lead to climate change and more about the fact every proposed solution impoverishes billions of souls and reduces their freedom while, at the same time, this theory brooks no dissent and offers no example where a prediction not happening or other unpredicted events happening would disprove it.

Climate change, like other hobgoblins, may have a basis of truth, but the problem lies in the oversimplification of its effects, in the exploitation of every disaster, in the authoritarian proposals for dealing with it, and with how it’s claims of proof know no bounds and are contradictory.

Impoverishment and totalitarianism won’t solve a changing climate, especially if the changes aren’t totally man-made. These measures will lead to societal instability and ruin without appreciably effecting outcomes but all to further increase the power and wealth of the ruling class.

Real solutions to mankind’s baneful impact on the planet are available and would increase individual wealth and freedom, because they would shift resources from OBS to the homes and communities controlled by average workaday people.


Most of those who claim to care about climate change offer only rather authoritarian responses which impoverish people, make them less free, and don’t make a dent on the climate itself. The truth is, they don’t care about the bogeyman they are using to scare you into submission, their objective is the radical global transformation of society into an authoritarian regimen ruled by the few at the grave expense of the many.

If you’re really serious about climate change, abandon OBS model and embrace a “house portable and house affordable” solution that seriously reduces negative impacts through human activities but also makes average people wealthier, more free, and healthier.

Free people from the many backwards and technology-suppressing rules, regulations, and “codes” that keep them from creating local food, energy, and housing independence through locally renewable resources. Invest in technology to advance food and energy independence at the level of the home primarily and the local neighborhood or town. Provide tax and regulatory waiver incentives to those seeking food and energy independence and sustainable home design.

The left authoritarians don’t propose these things, they propose draconian measures like banning all combustion engines and leaving people high and dry without affordable transportation or taxes and regulations that drive energy costs into the stratosphere. Their “solutions” are inhumane power grabs and massive wealth redistribution schemes that rob from the working class and feed the ruling class.

It’s hard to take climate change seriously when so many of those who bang the drum of alarm offer very non-serious proposals that truly read almost exclusively like a recipe for an authoritarian hellscape than an earth-friendly and humane approach to reducing humanity’s impact on the environment.

As for the Freedomist, we do not think all climate change is man-made or bad, but we do think the impact of human activity on the planet needs a serious rewrite. This begins with a strong emphasis on house-portable and house-affordable solutions, as opposed to OBS, that will make people more wealthy and free and devolve power from the top and center to individuals, families, and communities.

Enabling people to build affordable, sustainable housing and obtain food and energy independence at the very local level would dramatically reduce the environmental cost of human activity without threatening human flourishing.

The OBS approach won’t fix any problems, it will lead to instability, it decreases freedom and increases poverty, and, in the end, delays a truly effective response to a growing negative environmental and climate impact from human activity. None of the EU’s proposals do anything more than create a society of poor, working class cogs in the wheels of a neofeudal machine run by and for the ruling class at everyone’s expense but their own.