Whether the term is woke communism or progressive authoritarianism, Republican leaders and top officials have consistently watered-down their talking points while every day Democrats lambast Republicans as Nazis, racists, phobes, and the like without even attempting any sense of honesty or civility.

Let’s stick with woke communists as our term. It’s a modern term, not coined by us per se, that describes what we also refer to as “neocomms”, new communists who have evolved into a Party-controlled duopoly of woke corporations with near monopoly power and the state. Unlike the Stalin model, these woke communists, woke because their use of racist and gender-bending “wokeness” as their cudgel, don’t want to destroy the corporations, they choose to harness them. And unlike the Chinese communists who use the state to control the corporations, the Democrats seem to prefer to have their totalitarian party control both the corporations and the state separately, at least for now.

The Republicans are having none of this. They know that if they lay this legitimate charge on their opponents, the DNC Press will viciously attack them with smears and slanders meant to destroy, or cancel, them from life. It’s an internal banishment that leaves you a broke pariah.

But without the courage to stand up now, when some legal protections for speech remain, these same Republicans are courting disaster as the march away from a Bill of Rights society toward authoritarianism continues. Their fecklessness and collaboration in the face of blatant authoritarianism and gross violence against the Bill of Rights by this totalitarian party becomes more and more inexcusable.

When will Republicans name and confront woke communism and expose the fact the Democratic Party has become wholly captured by this modern manifestation of totalitarianism?

The reaons run from fear to just wanting the trappings of office without the responsibility or the risk, to perhaps even having sympathy at least for the corporate side of the woke communist duopoly. The woke communist war on freedom is well documented and their rhetoric against all things decent and noble is also well known.

The ability of Republicans to stand up to, name, and confront woke communism for what it is and who it is should become a litmus test in every primary. If you won’t confront the woke communists, then you shouldn’t be in office.