Willem IV- The current trend toward ever-increasing authoritarianism is not going to go away soon, but the trend toward something new and better emerging even within the old civilizations is also inevitable. We use the second of the 17 Protocols of Upadaria to illustrate both what is happening that is contrary to freedom and what is inevitably going to increase freedom for those who understand the times and act accordingly.

The New Civilization


Understanding times and seasons and cycles and patterns allows us to see that we are living in a time of visitation. The existing paradigms have resulted in a centralized corpostate that politicizes all aspects of society, such as a church system and culture that is limited by religion and Western practices. These will be lawfully and peacefully transcended over time as the new civilization emerges.

-From “The 17 Protocols of Upadaria”, Protocol Two

While authoritarianism is alarming and its disruptions of your life in the here and now can be quite dramatic, the trend toward freedom for those who understand and embrace the signs of the time is clear as well. We are in a state of early collapse, but also a state of genesis, depending on what we choose.

The historical processes whereby civilizations, from the West and Islamic, to the Russian, Indian, Japanese, and Chinese civilizations, are born, rise, decline, and fall, are mostly always inevitabilities we cannot prevent from taking place. What is unique and both special and hazardous about our particular time is that so many major human civilizations are at a similar stage of decline and that the presence of depravity, corruption, and authoritarianism are so pervasive in every major country or collection of countries, like the EU, for example.

Each civilization declines in a different way, but all tend to feature some form of moral depravity, corruption of institutions to wit the needs of the ruling class are served at the expense of the people, and the emergence of increasing manifestations of more authoritarian policies. One theory as to how and why so many of the world’s major civilizations are in similar states of decline is that Western Civilization has become so powerful and influential that it has essentially “colonized” aspects of all the other civilizations and dragged them all to its present state of spiritual and moral malaise.

But a new civilization is coming with bright and glorious prospects, whole new structures, whole new cities, predicated on freedom and prosperity with liberty and justice for all.

Meanwhile, the major civilizations, of which the Western is chief, are going in the opposite direction.

When we speak of Western Civilization your mind may hearken to images of a Judeo-Christian worldview and moral foundation combined with the Greco-Roman foundations and our history of science coupled with a strong work ethic and strong nuclear and extended families. You may know that no civilization yet has been wholly good but that the overall moral and spiritual state of Western Civilization has been far better and has itself represented an overall advancement for human civilization.

Those who understand history properly take in a view over thousands of years as opposed to the habit of modern humans, which is to be short-sighted. What we can see is that the advancement overall of humanity in terms of material well-being, technology, lifespans, quality of life, and even freedom cannot be denied. In every major aspect of this advance, Western Civilization was, since what we see as its inception in the 8th to 9th centuries, was in the vanguard.

Not everyone equally benefited but almost entirely everyone is better off materially and in every other way today than they were, say, 200 years ago. In other words, the benefits of advanced civilization were not evenly or equitably distributed, but everyone received some benefits. The black community in America, for instance, is far behind all others due to structural legacies rooted in racist prejudice, but they are far better off than when slavery was legal and the South started a Civil War to keep their slaves!

Things like the welfare system and gun control as well as abortion, all of which disproportionately effect the black community, are all rooted in structural thinking that was itself a product of racial prejudice. It’s not that society today is based on systemic racism, it is that some legacy structures were a product of racial bigotry. What is interesting and informative is that most people and politicians who invoke accusations of white guilt and systemic racism still desire to perpetuate racist structural thinking, like gun control, abortion, the welfare system, and dumbing down educational standards.

What the world is about to witness, as the cycles of civilization draw a close to the more “golden” ages these civilizations experienced, mostly (but far from exclusively) thanks to Western Civilization, is a major reduction in the leading indicators of a healthy civilization. For instance, in the US, the lifespan of all populations decreased for the first time since World War Two and, we can say, most everyone in every population group has seen their level of personal freedom decreased over the past 40 years.

Even if you argue, as we also do, that the degree of racial prejudice 40 years ago was higher, despite the woke communists’ insistence everyone is racist today, the degree of personal freedom experienced by a black person in the 1980s was more than they, or almost anyone save the ruling class, experience today!

What we are witnessing is the decline of multiple civilizations, led by the spiritual and moral collapse of Western culture as it embraces all the typical traits of a dying civilization, mainly the destruction of extended families followed by the destruction of nuclear families. By the 1980s the collapse of extended families within close-knit trust communities had been solidified and the atomization of the individual was in full swing, prompted by the “baby boomer, me generation” and their utter rejection of moral standards in the 60s and 70s.

No generation in America history has been more problematic to its country and people than the Baby Boomers who made selfishness and moral depravity their creed, although many “boomers” rejected and resisted, and still do, all of that. But one cannot blame the “boomers.” Their period of “social experimentation” and “sexual liberation” was really not a unilateral act they themselves willed into being, it was a historical process effected by utter exhaustion after two massively destructive “world wars” perpetuated mostly as Western Civilization began “trying on” the stages of authoritarianism.

We want our youth back, but we don’t want to repeat the mistakes of our youth!

For this reason, some will, as always happens, seek to restore their old civilization’s original spirit. Even if they, like us, feel that the best their civilization offered wasn’t equitably distributed to all and wish to rectify that, they basically want to keep their old civilization alive by making it young again. This is really like an older person who would love their youth back but who would also make changes in their behavior and choices if they could turn the clock back.

Civilizations, like individual human beings who are the “interdependent atoms” and whose extended families are the core constituent entities of a civilization, cannot turn back the clock. Their eventual death is written in stone and no human being can unwrite it.

Trying to revive and perpetuate any civilization, to get its youth back and learn from its youthful mistakes, to make its new golden age more equitable and fair to everyone is, to be blunt, a fantasy.

So where does that leave the global denizen who looks all around and sees not one major civilization or land where freedom rooted in virtue, liberty, and independence prevails? What does a world look like when every major civilization is in a state of decline and where the clock cannot be turned back nor the coming age of depraved authoritarianism cannot be stayed?

Those who solely focus on the decline and fall of existing civilizations often forget another part of the cycle of history: the genesis of new civilizations always begins both within and outside of declining civilizations. The cycle of dying and the cycle of birthing overlap. The new emerges as an internal exile from the systems and structures of the old. People who cannot and will not cosign the cultural milieu of a dying civilization withdraw internally or are banished, like being deplatformed in our era, and find alt forms of sociocultural and socioeconomic life and connectedness.

It is argued that almost every new civilization emerges from some desire to restore or regain the youthful vigor of an older civilization that is dying or has died. Many of those who today feel they are defending “Western Tradition” and seeking to restore Western Civilization to spiritual and moral health, learning from past mistakes, will mostly end up planting the spiritual, philosophical, and ideological seeds of the new civilization.

As Jesus warned people to understand the times and seasons and to recognize the hour of their visitation, we must be wise as well. We live in a dual-reality, if we recognize, and the reality we choose to swim within is the reality that will control our life on this earth. Even if we personally, through faith in Christ, are bound for heaven, if we choose the wrong earthly reality, it will have a direct impact on this life and an influence on the life to come because we will not have fulfilled all that needed to be fulfilled in this life.

The only two realities a modern human in the 21st century can swim within are the latter day decline and fall of every major civilization or the genesis period wherein the new civilization emerges heart to heart, family to family, within those increasingly barbaric societies. Even if you do not consciously choose, your choice will be made for you and the default choice is to flow along the course of the dying civilization.

The new civilization is coming. This is always the case.

But what will it look like, what will its ideals and culture look like?

The new always has a spiritual and moral purity to it that the old can no longer fathom or tolerate. What is more, the new can emerge and survive in kernels of people and communities within the old for multiple centuries before it finally dies!

Even if you understand the new civilization and its ideals and if you practice them, they may be a boon to your personal life and that of your fellow travelers, but you may not live to see the establishment of your civilization as someone separated from the old civilizations. You will, however, experience the spirit of the new civilization which will enable you to fulfill purposes and designs for your life which would be hindered within the cultural milieu of the old civilization.

The ideals of the new civilization, as we see it, based on the perfecting and spiritual purification of the ideals of four primary antecedent civilizations, include a modernized and Judeo-Christian interpretation and balanced application of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law.

Let your “old” understanding of these terms, which is polluted by the spirit depravity all around you, go. For instance, Democratic equality hearkens to a free and equitable marketplace of goods, services, and ideas within a just and fair competitive, and yet collaborative, free enterprise structure. The perfect democracy is a form of meritocracy that seeks to ensure every human being has an equal and fair starting point while leaving nobody behind. And by meritocracy we do not mean the rule of the most capable among the most privileged! Our concept of participatory free association based on our merit (including character, fidelity, integrity, and capability and not JUST capability) is equitable and fair and reaches to the worst off to elevate them to an equal standing.

If we explored all these ideals in their roots we would find their more “modern” definitions to be a twisted perversion of their original spirit. Rule of law isn’t slavish devotion to an arbitrary legal code, it is a balance of law based on proven laws of cause and effect, the individual’s and the common good, and both the consensus of the people and the merit of the lawmakers and law enforcers.

Briefly, we find the ideals of the new civilization written within the best and most generous understanding of four primary antecedent civilizations: Unity in diversity from Western Civilization, Popular sovereignty from the Germanic civilization, Democratic equality from the Greco-Roman Civilization, and Rule of law from the Hebrew civilization.

In every way, the new civilization’s symbols, language, culture, and even architecture takes new forms that, while they may superficially resemble old forms, and be founded on the most ancient and sacred institutions, transcend everything that currently exists.

For this reason, we sat that this doesn’t mean the new civilization is merely the offspring of these primary antecedent civilizations. It means, however, that the core ideals of the new are mostly, but not exclusively, to be discovered in the core ideal of these civilization. If we understand their core ideal, each had only one, in its purity and in its original spirit, not in its imperfect and hypocritical application, we find a deeper and sublime truth.

It is through understanding these ideals, balancing them within the ancient and sacred blueprints of civilization we find in Holy Writ, namely the Bible, that we discover a path whereby we can immerse ourselves into the new reality, the emergence of a new civilization, that is the only path to escape from the downward pull of the old reality, the death of an old civilization.

The dual realities compete for every heart and every family and community of people and each of us gets a choice. In fact, this is a radical new advancement in human civilization itself: never before have humans both had such a complete understanding of the cycles of civilization and never has it been possible for almost everyone on the planet to choose which of these two realities they desire to immerse themselves within.

The paths toward more freedom run through the cycles of civilization related to the emergence of the new within the old. The paths to authoritarianism and deprivation lead through basically either choosing or insensibly going with the flow of the old civilizations in decline.