May 21, 2024

21 thoughts on “Tennessee Becomes 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State – Guns & Gadgets – YT Watch

  1. Amen Tennessee!
    We`re looking to move there from NYS hopefully soon. We will bring our RED votes with us to help strengthen your state!!! God Bless you all!

  2. So if they pass an assault weapons ban we can still acquire weapons from sanctuary states? Not sure why florida hasn’t jumped on board.

  3. Brother send DeSantis a letter/note/something to get FL on board with this, I've run every computer (joking) in this house out of ink writing my reps/Sen/Congressmen/and bird watcher Please help

  4. Just remember if ANYONE says the states dont have the authority to ignore federal law just remind them that states do it all the time on immigration and other laws Democrats dont want to follow…..

  5. Funny…this says any rule or order that "Violates the 2nd Adm of The Constitution of the United States Constitution is null and void"…….while Democrats/leftist are literally FIRING and PUNISHING PEOPLE for ENFORCING LAWS THAT ARE CLEARLY ON THE BOOKS!!!!..such a immigration laws. Left, right, nazi, or whatever….ANY group that does that in history always brings war and destruction with them.

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