American patriots now have digital access to one of the oldest, most proven “private intelligence” reports on the planet. The McAlvanay Intelligence Advisor has been providing accurate, actionable intel to Patriots for over 45 years and is now available online to MILLIONS of Americans who need to know what’s REALLY going on and what’s coming.

The Freedomist has entered a joint venture agreement with our partners the publishers of this incredible private intelligence report. Accuracy, timeliness, and prescience are not words we commonly use when it comes to most “news” or even intelligence, but we’ve seen this report keep its readers from losing during the housing crisis and how it largely foresaw the turbulence of the past year. 

You can now, for less than 77 cents a day, subscribe to the best and smartest “private intelligence report” available to patriots who love America! The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor is a BESPOKE level private intelligence report, delivered monthly, that will show you exactly what it REALLY happening and what is LIKELY to happen. The best way to be prepared is to KNOW the real score and to see what is probably coming down the road.

COMPARABLE SERVICES cost much more, but being less expensive is a reflection of their commitment to reach as many people as possible, it is not aa reflection of the true value of the service!

The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor has been around for more than 45 years providing real “intel” to average people. Its predictive analysis has kept thousands of readers far ahead of everyone else. As a subscriber, you will get a fully-baked personal :”intelligence report” that will show you what’s REALLY coming your way. It’s not “sponsored” by corporate interests and it’s not beholden to ANY “political” side, it’s only loyalty and focus in on its reader, YOU!

Here is a typical customer review- “I’ve been a subscriber for over a decade and MIA has, without a doubt, helped me preserve my most valuable assets and prepare for the bumps and turns before they happen, not during. It’s hard to put a price on that.” – Rebecca M.

Will the housing bubble return, is crypto the future, what new laws and regulations will pass, will international markets rise or fall? The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor is, bar none, the best private intelligence report any ordinary person can buy and that, we suspect, even intelligence community members pay attention to.

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