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Playing Their Gender Language Games Will Kill Your Liberty

Playing Their Gender Language Games Will Kill Your Liberty

The Social Construct Gender Game is a Language War Against The Right to the Pursuit of Happiness

Making gender a social construct is a way to reinforce the notion that the individual exists in the social.  The paradigm to be replaced is that the social emerges from the minds of individuals.  This is the underlying assumption of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, that the government derives its power from the consent of the individuals, as individuals (not as identity groups).

Government itself emerges from the minds of individuals.

By making gender a social construct, it creates a political factionalism in everyday language itself wherever an adoption of this new social reality is coerced on others, as it already has been in America. Dialectically, the alternative-gendered expression is considered individual expression, but it requires social coerced-conformity to be realized.

Imagine creating conditions in which people can lose their means to make a living for merely refusing to adopt to the top-down created and enforced new language standards, breaking the binary constructs overnight, non-consensually, using violence and economic terrorism to do it.

That’s what has already been happening in America today.

The social construct gender game is a philosophical game of sophistry designed to create a new justification for coercion based on the preservation and advancement of the social, where all individuals exist, outside the mind, inside the social institutions managed by experts that are paid by a handful of the most powerful at the top of another pyramid of top-down, monopolized power.

The goal is not to liberate the non-gendered or gender-fluid.  The goal is to change the right to rule standards of the land from an old to a new one.

The American Republic standard for rule assumes boundaries between the state and individual that preserves an individual’s right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness (as further expressed in the first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights).

So long as the state operates within those boundaries (which the state constantly violates, to be sure), the people will grant the state right to rule.

The gender-bending standard is paving the way for the DNC model, one that presumes the appointed, recognized, state-approved, corporate-sponsored experts should be the new definers of happiness, the social mission as defined by these same experts.

The masses vote in cities where the votes are counted twice and the real work of engineering is done as needed by the regulators now unshackled by the pesky limitations placed on it by the Bill of Rights.  Without the Bill of Rights as a construct in the hearts of Americans, the state would surely disregard it openly overnight.

This social construct gender language game is just one of the many language wars the opponents to individual liberty and pursuit of happiness are currently engaged in, but it has become the tip of the spear of their most effective, to date, assault on the hearts of Americans.

Well-meaning humans seeking to follow a core American value, freedom of expression, are being led to support coerced expression in the name of the very value they believe they are supporting.

So long as the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence create a sense of entitlement in the hearts of Americans, no matter their race, creed, gender, sexual expression, expression, etc., the state, while it will always violate its own standards, will do so with much less regularity and open visibility than it would the moment the standards die in the hearts of Americans, and they lose their sense of entitlement.

That sense of entitlement is this, the government is we the people, and the state is merely the representative of the people.  In practice, it’s hardly true, but in spirit, it most assuredly is true.  It is so true that the American, no matter their individual expression or identity, when in a legal pinch, will say at some point, I KNOW MY RIGHTS!!  More often than not, if the American is right, state authority capitulates.

It’s why Americans regularly tell government workers, including cops, I PAY YOUR SALARY!  YOU WORK FOR ME!  It’s that spirit that’s under assault wherever non-binary constructs, gender-fluid constructs, social construct gender language games, are being coerced on others.

It does not matter whether it’s the corporation firing individuals for not using people’s preferred pronouns or the state (though it is even more alarming when an American government chooses to so overtly violate the constitutional rights of its employers, we the people).  They are both forcing a new language game on people against their will.  The results will not be pretty.

Already, people are willingly facing being fired rather than concede to such perverse language game.  The next phase is coming through the courts, as lawsuits become the test for the reality of the Constitution in American Jurisprudence.

I wish I could speak confidently here, but alas, there is more than enough reason to be concerned, but not dismayed.  It will take a year or two for the courts to reveal whether they will hold the line on the social construct gender language game or not.  During that time, I suggest you build where you are, paths to sustainable flourishing at the household level.  Hopefully, you will connect to others doing similar things, and sustainably flourishing communities will emerge.

If it begins to look like the courts have fallen, the reality of power will soon set in atop the hill in DC.  The people are sustainably flourishing outside of your centralized hierarchies of social control.  Laws without the power to enforce them, corporate terms of use without the people to agree to them are no power at all.

America emerged from a happenstance of circumstances that created the necessity of a government that would not be compelled to challenge human action beyond what it could realistically manage.  We who are now citizens should count ourselves privileged and entitled compared to the rest of the world.

However, this gift was given to this land, let us not destroy it in the name of free expression, thus ending free expression for all, across so many more language game parameters to be added to the first one that becomes the new standard of rule in the land

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