Great white shark bite mark sparks fears prehistoric monster Megalodon has returned – World News

From www.mirror.co.uk
2022-01-09 21:06:45
mirrornews@mirror.co.uk (Charles Wade-Palmer, Lucy Skoulding)

There are concerns that prehistoric monster Megalodon is back after huge bite marks were pictured on the side of a great white shark.

Diver Jalil Najafov, 40, saw the 15ft shark with the massive bite mark swimming off Isla Guadalupe in Mexico – and the huge wound has since sparked a debate as to what on earth attacked it.

Experts argued why another shark would have bitten its own kind so violently, while social media users had another much more terrifying idea, reports the Daily Star.

Jalil’s Instagram post has led to speculation it could have come from a Megalodon, an ancient shark species regarded as one of the largest and most powerful predators to have ever lived.

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