Capital Riot Arrests Judges Internet Access Ruling

People Arrested for Taking Part in Capital Riots Barred from Internet – Brief

It appears the US Judges involved in the prosecution of Americans who entered the Capital on January 6th, 2021 are preventing these protesters/rioters/insurrectionists (allegedly) from communicating online during their trial.  The move appears to be mostly unprecedented and calls into question the political nature of the prosecution in the firstplace.

‘Uncharted waters.’ Judges are banning some Capitol riot suspects from the internet | News – LA Times

From www.wenatcheeworld.com Excerpt:

Beverly Hills esthetician and eyelash stylist Gina Bisignano was so present on social media that the federal criminal complaint against her practically wrote itself.
The story of a 52-year-old salon owner who charted a dark path of disinformation to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, where she allegedly grabbed a bullhorn and urged rioters to take up weapons, is backed by one social media post after another embedded in the Department of Justice filing.

There is Bisignano in her Louis Vuitton sweater, filmed in front of the Capitol talking about her business and hometown as the riot was getting underway. There she is again, addressing rioters with a rant about globalists, George Soros and stolen votes. And again, calling for weapons and gas masks moments before a rioter attacks an officer with what appears to be a baseball bat.

Now, Bisignano has gone silent online. She is not allowed on the internet. Not because social media platforms banned her, but because a federal judge did. If Bisignano goes online while awaiting trial, she risks being jailed.