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It’s Not Just the Right that Hates the Left

The determined, forceful resistance to the Left now growing in power and courage is a coalition of diverse peoples with diverse views. The Left would be hastening their current power advantage to continue to behave as if everyone that opposes them is a white supremacist right wing Nazi.
Everytime you say Nazi, we say groomer. We’re right way more than we’re not. You’re wrong way more than you’re right.
Unless and until you are willing to face the reality that 70 plus percent and growing of Americans are SICK OF YOUR SHIT you are doomed to not only lose your power advantage but become a lunatic fringe with no power for the next 10-20 years. Your move, leftist. Learn to be good American neighbors that stop seeking to foce corporations and government to violate the spirit of individual sovereignty, learn how to live with people who aren’t going to be forced to like anyone for any reason, or become totally irrelevent with no power whatsoever in these lands for a decade or more.
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