The Israel-Gaza confict is complex, with little pure angels or pure demons on either side of the divide, save at the top of both prevailing authorities in the land, the state of Israel, Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority.  As could be predicted, the ‘right,’which sees Israel almost as a religious obligation for the United States to protect, only sees the Palestinians as the villains, while offering little to no critique of how Israel has conducted itself.  Meanwhile, the ‘left’ looks at everything Israel does as literally being worst than Hitler (yes, the irony is lost on the unthinking adherants of DNC party orthodoxy), while refusing to even question the tactic of targeting civilians for murder, as Hamas has demonstrated over and over agin.


Intel Spotlight

In this headline from RT, we get a straight news report that slightly tilts in favor of Israel, which is intriguing in that it is the Russian state that stands behind RT.

7 Israeli officers injured after car rams checkpoint in East Jerusalem’s infamously disputed area, driver killed (GRAPHIC VIDEOS) — RT World News – www.rt.com

From www.rt.com RT Excerpt: A car rammed a temporary police checkpoint in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem on Sunday, injuring seven officers. The Palestinian driver of the vehicle was shot dead at the scene. The gruesome videos uploaded on social media captured a car speeding up and crashing into a group of officers […]…
The BBC, which falls well within the worldwide alliance the DNC enjoys, is working to point out the evils of the Israelis while covering up for the Palestinians.
Of course Al Jazeera will highlight stories that paint Irael as the victim, as the headline here so fully reveals.  A Palestinian drove his car into Israeli officers, killing many, but the headline highlights the Palestinain as the victim, not the people he killed through his actions.

Palestinian shot dead after car rams Israeli police in Jerusalem | Gaza News – www.aljazeera.com

From www.aljazeera.com Excerpt: Six Israeli police injured as a Palestinian crashes his vehicle into a roadblock in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood. Israeli forces shot dead a Palestinian driver who crashed his car into a police roadblock, injuring six officers, in a flashpoint Jerusalem neighbourhood, police said. The incident on Sunday occurred in Sheikh Jarrah, in […]…
Arab News is finding itself wanting to enable the Palestinains against their Jewish enemies while also not completely emboldening the state power the Palestinians are primarily relying on to execute their plan of terror, Iran.

Why Iran absorbs Israeli-inflicted blows on its militant proxies in Syria – www.arabnews.com

From www.arabnews.com Excerpt: LONDON: Israel has launched hundreds of strikes against Iran and its allied proxies inside Syria since the country’s descent into civil war over a decade ago, with officials in Tel Aviv making it clear they will refuse to tolerate any Iranian entrenchment along their northern border. Israeli warplanes have repeatedly attacked Iran-linked […]…
Will Biden become the champion of a just cease-fire?  Probably not, but CS Monitor would like to push him in that direction, a move that is not imprudent in and of itself.

Israel-Gaza: Pressure mounts on Biden to push for cease-fire – www.csmonitor.com

From www.csmonitor.com Ellen Knickmeyer and Edith Lederer Excerpt: Oklahoma City and New York The United Nations Security Council and Muslim nations convened emergency meetings Sunday to demand a stop to civilian bloodshed as Israeli warplanes carried out the deadliest single attacks in nearly a week of unrelenting Hamas rocket barrages and Israeli airstrikes. President Joe […]…
Here we see how western political factions use the emotion-ladel conflict between Israel and Gaza to champion their own particular factional interests, all in the name of decency, of course, while innocent humans, Palestinians and Israelis alike, die to serve the interests of their factional leaders, none of which have the best interests of anyone but themselves at heart.

Clashes with police and Israeli TV reporter attacked at pro-Palestinian rally in Berlin – www.euronews.com

From www.euronews.com Excerpt: Violent confrontations broke out between protesters and police, and an Israeli TV reporter was also attacked, at a pro-Palestinian rally in Berlin on Saturday. Several protests took place across the city as well as other parts of Germany over the weekend, coinciding with demonstrations in countries across Europe. Participants waved flags and […]…