Woke Authoritarianism Serves A Corrupt Ruling Class And Is Oppressive To ALL

Bill Collier- The woke authoritarianism being used as a vehicle of more power and wealth by our depraved and corrupt ruling class of corporate and government cronies and conceals their TRUE corpostate nationalists ideology.

Woke authoritarianism appropriates real concerns about racial equality and equity to sow division and hate. It plays the tribe of the left and the tribe of the right against each other in an artificial, manufactured “conflict” that transfers ever more wealth and power from the people to the ruling class.

Capitalist Manifesto

This woke authoritarianism is perpetuated by the minions of the ruling class, useful idiots who may genuinely be fooled. These minions include the corrupt press, corrupt bureaucrats who put party and/or parochial self-gain ahead of public interest, many to most academics and entertainers, and many or most corporate leaders.

The counteraction by grifters, talking heads, politicos, and useful idiots on the right, including their corrupt news outlets, is reactionary swill. It is anger at the wrong people and it tends to focus on denying that real problems of racism, bigotry, and intolerance exist and need to be addressed. It spits in the face of the actual disenfranchised and disadvantaged who face real discrimination!

The goal of the ruling class and, albeit unwittingly, their minions, is to keep us at each others’ throats while they sneak away with the prize. That prize is our freedom, wealth, and happiness sacrificed at the altar of their craven lust for monopoly power and control over their fellow human beings!

We must say NO to this kind of dangerous and extemist thinking. We will not defeat racial bigotry or any bigotry with more bigotry and hate! All this will do is empower the corpostate nationalists and their authoritarian agenda!

The problem isn’t “the left” it is the ruling class. “The left” are not truly desirous of the dystopian nightmare of authoritarianism and monopolist power and control the ruling class are using them, and their legitimate concerns, to lay the foundation for.

To be clear, the notion all white people are racists and all “people of color” are moral saints in comparison is racism itself and bigotry. It is as bad as thinking all black people are not quite human, as the slaveholders and many southerners did in the 19th century.

Screenshot of a tweet that seems to capture the growing pushback against the woke authoritarian propaganda


Anyone espousing these kinds of things is a bigot and should be shunned and shamed and definitely should not hold any position of public trust, whether in government or the corporate world. These kinds of people are dangerous to the freedom and well-being of everyone else around them.

This goes across the board, whether you think a given race is morally or in any other way inherently inferior and not as worthy or valued as any other race. Racism in its hard and soft forms, including separatism or superiority, on any basis, is grossly immoral and inexcusable as well as dangerous.

On one hand it seems those in the tribe of the left see this as a vehicle to power for their party and ideological aims. They are being played as their desires for a just society as they see it do not matter one bit to the ruling class who are inciting them to extremism and violence. Their goals will be ignored once their violence and extemist thinking have served their purpose.

On the other hand it seems the tribe of the right are seeing this and actually beginning to get angry at the chosen groups whose causes the ruling class are hijacking. The response to “all white people are racists” seems more and more to be “people of color hate us and want to exterminate our race!” This is dangerous and will lead to violent attacks abainst “people of color” or other “favored groups.”

Both hatred against whites, especially those who aren’t “woke”, e.g. not down with the authoritarianism being perpetrated by the ruling class, and hatred against the groups “favored” by the woke authoritarians are designed to keep us divided and at war with each other. The ruling class are playing and controlling both tribes at the same time to orchestrate a war that only serves to give the ruling class more power and wealth at our expense.

If you look at another human being and judge them by anything other than their own actual words and deeds, and in their proper context, than you an immoral scoundrel and a bad person.

If you are ready to “cancel” someone for one bad thing they said or did without any grace or redmeption in your heart, then you condemn your own self. God will judge you as you judge others and if you blow things out of proportion and show no mercy, then this is how God will judge you both in this world and in the world to come!

Turn your anger to the ruling class, but not through unrighteous violence and hate, not even toward them.

In fact, if these BLM/Antifa mobs were serious about injustice and oppression they wouldn’t be burning down mom and pop businesses in their own communities, they would have thrown their angry mobs at the 100 or so corporations and corrupt news outlets who control over 70% of all wealth in this land. But they don’t, ergo their claims to be rioting for “justice” are absolutely false.

(We do not believe any rioting, violence, or burning anything down is justified, that isn’t the point. The point is that the BLM/Antifa mobs are burning down homes and businesses of innocent people and if they really felt it was justified to burn things down to stop oppression, they would have far different targets than innocent people!)

We do not say one should not see color, race, or ethnicity as being potentially connected to that person’s identity, especially when that person feels it is part of their identity. Differentiation of sociocultural and other lifestyle choices or traditions and norms is perfectly fine and should be respected. Our goal is not a monoculture without differentiation among people groups, however they define themselves.

People have a right to self-determination and self-preservation both as individuals and as bodies of people. They have a right to serve their God or conscience in peace, to form freewill participatory associations and communities, and to have a culture and way of life suited to their beliefs, values, and convictions. This is the idea of a free and pluralistic society of inherently equal and valued human beings all of whom were created in the image of God!

Our goal is to ensure, as best we can, fairness and equity, which is justice, according to God’s righteousness, which is rooted in love and the inherent equal value of every single human being in His eyes. We desire to see every person of any people group of any race or ancestry or shared sociocultural identity and every economic class have a fair and equitable shot at happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity and to live in peace and freedom.

We know REAL racism and bigotry exist and this woke authoritarianism is not in any way helping anything. It is causing an increase in bigotry and hate and justifying violence and, ultimately, totalitarianism. It is being used by the ruling class and their hidden ideology of corpostate nationalism to oppress us ALL, right and left, of every race, ethnicity, sex, gender, and the like. It is bad for everyone and only empowers and enriches the few at the expense of our freedom, wealth, and happiness.