Freedom is the domain of the free and free people are individuals whose rights, persons, and property are respected by others but maintained through their material independence. While freedom has political implications, and there is such a thing as political freedom, freedom is more like a state of being through mostly material independence and self-sufficiency.

We introduce the general concept of extended “extended freeholds” consisting of around 10-20 or so adults who inwardly feel and behave as a family unit, even if they aren’t related by blood, and who share or individually own enough resources to ensure the basic physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of every participant.

Within the Upadaria project, we refer to these Extended Freeholds as Kinship Groups and their facilities as either Estates with multiple houses or Villas with multiple condos in a single building.

This is a sort of cohousing idea, albeit with much more privacy and much less collectivism. An Extended Freehold, or a Upo Estate or Villa, is not a collective but it does use a combination of intentional extended kinship, cooperation, collaboration, and organcic cohesiveness to save money and pool resources while nurturing a shared way of life.

The Kinship Mandate


We form small, extended familial groups and practice mutual care and support with our relatives, fellow Upadarians, and fellow Believers according to a Biblical blueprint. We refer to these as Kinship Groups wherein we view the success and well-being of those we are connected to as equally important as our own.

The 17 Protocols of Upadaria, Protocol Eight

This concept of extended and intentional kinship is essential in times like these when all the meta-structures of society engender abject dependency by the individual who is separated and isolated from others because of a radical individualism that, ironically, is paving the way to collective top-down control by the few over the atomized and undifferentiated many.

The all-out assault on the moral and sociocultural foundations for a society wherein most people are raised in a loving home by a mom and dad, and an extended family and community, is aimed at dividing people so much that only a mass of atomized and undifferentiated individuals remain. Such a divided mass of atomized individuals is quite easy to control through top-down social, economic, cultural, and political structures.

An Extended Freehold Villa may look like a mansion with 3-5 condos for families and 2-3 single adult residences with common areas for residents and non-resident members of a mutual benefit society represents a new architecture and a new mode of living that nurtures the individual without smothering them.

With the possible exception of well-off people who can afford all the accouterments of material self-sufficiency, and staff, most average people CANNOT swim against this tide or resist its material pressures on their own WHILE maintaining a high level of prosperity. Additionally, most cannot afford the luxuries a small group of 10-20 adults could afford through pooling resources and/or doing some of the work cooperatively themselves.

The concept of an extended freehold comes back to a freehold as a piece of land and connected assets whereby a family could 100% meet is basic needs. The extended part of it comes from the fact that a few families, around 20 adults in total, who cluster together near each other or on the same “freehold” of a few acres or partial city block, can become fairly self-sufficient.

We speak of clustered housing as opposed to cooperatives, communes, and cohousing, although strictly speaking an extended freehold may be partially classified as cohousing. This concept of an extended freehold as a household group consisting of a few nuclear families and single adults who are part of those families and a number of non-residential members of a mutual benefit society is far from any form of collectivization. It actually nurtures and supports the individual, giving them more freedom than they ever could have as an atomized individual under a meta-scale, top-down system of control.

An extended freehold might be a group of families who live near enough to each other to build the tools for self-reliance such as food and energy production. Again, within the Upadaria project we call these freehold groups “kinship groups” and their physical space an Estate or a Villa. But this is a form of an extended Freehold

Ideally, this concept envisions people in these household groups doing some sort of clustered living arrangement where perhaps there are 5-10 homes and/or apartments clustered around a Common House with food and energy production in the center as well. Or it may be a single mansion-like building with 5-10 condos connected to common areas featuring luxury appointments.

The legal structures to make this happen include a mutual benefit society (501 c 8, IRS defined “fraternal benefit society”), mutual benefit corporations, mutual assurance funds, a land trust, and/or other entities as needed. Two points are necessary here: we have researched some of the particulars and legal structures but, secondly, this short essay is only conceptual.

Basically, we call this “clustered living” in terms of lifestyle and “clustered housing” in terms of the physical infrastructure. What is important here is that if you don’t begin to seriously consider clustered living and, eventually, clustered housing, that you will find that maintaining your freedom and prosperity gets harder and harder.

The very basis of the new authoritarianism within the West is to atomize society in a massive “divide and conquer” power move. You refusing to countenance the need to cluster together with people who share your beliefs, values, and convictions is exactly what the people who think they own you want you to do. Stay atomized, stay vulnerable, stay enslaved.

The extended freehold as a concept allows you to cluster together with such people and build the local means of your own material self-sufficiency, which is the greatest defense against the socioeconomic pressures that are brought to bear when you defy the top-down power agenda. It is the most practical counter to authoritarianism that is reactive but proactive, it doesn’t just slow the trend toward authoritarianism, it reverses it.